Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thoughts & Prayers with Virginia Tech

I got the news when the President of my school sent out a campus wide email asking us to send out our thoughts and prayers to Virginia Tech. I immediately pulled up MSN and read the breaking news article. My immediate thought was what would drive someone to do this? My next thought was dear god these lives have been ripped apart because of someones anger. My eyes began to tear up.

Yesterday morning the Today Show had on two brothers of two victims. One had lost his sister and the other had a sister who was injured. You could see the sorrow and shock on both of their faces as they spoke about their love for their sibling and how they couldn't wrap their heads around what had happened less then 24 hours before. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that someone could kill 32 people and leave about that many injured.

This morning I learned about the heroes that came from that day. The professor who used his body as a barricade to save his students and lost his life in the process. The young men who used classroom tables to blockade the doors to prevent the monster from entering their classroom. The injured student who had already been shot and seen his classmates shot blocked the door so the killer couldn't come back and finish off those who were still alive.

In this massive tragedy remembering those that became heroes will allow that horrendous day to have more meaning then idolizing the one man who created it.

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