Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A pinch of crazy

I had an amazing time travelling last week. I have lots of stories to tell and photos to share.  However, on my last day during the wedding reception I dropped my brand new Sony camera and it broke.  Stopped working completely.  I'm a bit pissed that it took a small spill and just won't work.  Not sure if this camera will be able to handle me.  My point is that I have photos, but no camera to help upload them.  I know what you're thinking, just stick the memory card in the laptop and load them that way.  No go.  I lost my laptop charger adapter during the trip and therefore cannot use it until I get another HP adapter. Which you think would be easy, but no.  Best Buy insists they do not have it and I haven't had time to check other places.

Bottom line, no pics yet.  I'll figure out a way I promise.

So instead I'm going to tell you about a dreamish experience I had.  On Sunday, we got home from our vacation around 5:30pm.  My homework was due that night at midnight.  And as luck would have it, the work I did was all on the laptop.  Which meant, I had to redo everything on the desktop.  Not fun and a lot of stress.  It ended up taking till two in the morning before I submitted everything.  The assignments were late, but turned in and that was good enough.  Cut to me going to bed exhausted.

I wake up around 2:30am.  I hadn't been asleep that long, but long enough to know I fell asleep.  I wasn't sure why I woke up.  As my eyes adjusted to being awake I saw a misty white, translucent thing to my right.  Above me I saw a floating black v shape thing.  It scared the bejesus out me.  I immediately throw myself close to my husband and simutalanously throw the sheets over my head.  Because obivisouly ghost, spirits, or whatever they were, wouldn't be able to reach under a thin sheet. Rational, I know.  I start hitting my husband asking him if hears anything. I was trying to stay calm, but I could still clearly see these two separate things when I poked my head up from the sheets.  I was trying to get my husband to pop up and start listening and then I could ask him if he sees what I'm seeing.  He didn't really bite into the plan. Instead, he moaned and pushed me off him and told me without opening his eyes he doesn't hear anything.  So with my heart pounding I take a deep breathe and reach through the misty white thing to reach my night table lamp.  I turn on the lamp and nothing is there.  My heart was still races.  This whole scene took maybe two minutes.  I didn't fall asleep until well after 3am.  I had a book light by my bed so when I turned off my lamp I kept my booklight on.  Finally, I got brave enough to turnoff my nightlight and try sleep.  I didn't see the things again.

My thinking, I was properly so exhausted that I hallucinated these things.  They never made a move for me, but just floated there.  Even though this is what I think, it's burned in my memory and I'm still on the look out for them.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Post Without a Point

I have done something to my shoulder and it really hurts.  What did I do to make it hurt you ask?  I stretched.  And now I'm in serious pain.  I'm pretty sure I need a nice hour long massage to make this go away.

I go on vacation next week!!  I need a camera badly.  The last time I took pictures was for the KC pub crawl.  My goal is to take as many pictures as Jax. Then maybe I'll actually take some rather than none.  So any camera suggestions to someone who doesn't want to spend gobs of money and it needs to be super user friendly.

I have hit the point of my graduate school courses where I lose all motivation. Each course is 11 weeks long and apparently, I only have stamina for 5 weeks.  This has happened every single time.  Not good.  Must. Push. Through. *sigh

Random story:  Started my day by my co-worker discussing how regular his bowel movements are.  TMI!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gross, not gross, gross. It's that type of blog day.

Today I woke up to the smell of a bonfire.  Only it was garbage burning from one of our landfills.  Fun.  People were complaining of the smell, which if I lived closer to the source of the fire, it might have smelled disgusting.

In other non-disgusting news, I'm in graduate school hell.   Accounting and Finance should never be taken at the same time.  Especially, when my last class was a finance class.  Ug.  I better be able to understand these damn profit and loss statements now. 

Even though I haven't been blogging, I feel like I've been busy.  Work, school, floating the river twice in three weekends kind of busy. 

Have you seen this story?  Gross.  And desperate.  How sick do you have to be to drive 24 hours to have se.x with an underage boy?  Gross. Doubly gross because she was seducing him.