Monday, August 16, 2010

A Post Without a Point

I have done something to my shoulder and it really hurts.  What did I do to make it hurt you ask?  I stretched.  And now I'm in serious pain.  I'm pretty sure I need a nice hour long massage to make this go away.

I go on vacation next week!!  I need a camera badly.  The last time I took pictures was for the KC pub crawl.  My goal is to take as many pictures as Jax. Then maybe I'll actually take some rather than none.  So any camera suggestions to someone who doesn't want to spend gobs of money and it needs to be super user friendly.

I have hit the point of my graduate school courses where I lose all motivation. Each course is 11 weeks long and apparently, I only have stamina for 5 weeks.  This has happened every single time.  Not good.  Must. Push. Through. *sigh

Random story:  Started my day by my co-worker discussing how regular his bowel movements are.  TMI!!

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Jax said...

Depends what kind of camera you want! I'd say Canons are the most user friendly and the low end models often have some of the applications of the higher end. This is the lowest end of the Canon's on Best Buy's site.. andit's still 10 megapixels and only 100 bucks.

And it has super good reviews. :)Mine is the SD 1300 or something; it's not much more.. like 165 or something!


And you'd better take some dang photos!