Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Has somehow made it up to my second story window and won't stop staring at me. Seriously, it's been two days. I'm starting to think he's a spy for my boss to see if I'm really working...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Random thoughts

Bootcamp plug: Come out to bootcamp! It's Monday and Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at 10am at Zink Park at 31st and Trenton. It's $10/session. Most of us are out of shape and complain throughout the workout. We have all sizes. If you want a great workout come out and join us!

Work is crazy busy which is why I haven't had a chance to blog. One cool thing that's going on right now is we're showcasing one of Darryl Starbird's custom car. Its a '51 Mercury that he did custom fabrication on. It's pretty sweet, even if you're not into cars. Here's a pic and that's Darryl Starbird himself. If you don't know who Darryl Starbird is, he's famous for making custom cars. He has a muesum at Grand Lake.

The Britney concert was amazing! If you get an opportunity to go, go. Seriously, she knows how to put on a show. My camera did not take good pics so I'm not even going to post them. The lights really messed with my camera and I couldn't find a good setting. We did see several tranny's. One had on a nice ring leader out fit that cut off at the midriff and was all sequins. It was awesome.

Kelly's shower is this weekend!! I'm excited. I'm hosting so hopefully, things go smoothly. We're going shopping for food and stuff tonight. And between now and 8pm tomorrow I need to clean my house.

I'm running the fun run at the Race for the Cure on Saturday morning. Let's hope I don't die. We did a little bit of running during bootcamp and I my sides started cramping after 5 steps. So, dying really is a possibility. But if Matt can do a 10 min mile drunk, I think I can survive a fun run.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bootcamp Booty

This was a great weekend. TU football and we were victorious over New Mexico University.

My weekend began with a few of my friends and hubby deciding to do a bootcamp. I was forced to participate because my husband is heading it up and it would look like I wasn't supporting him sitting at home on the couch while he was working out my friends. So for the first time in about a year I got dressed and worked out. I'm in so much pain its not even funny. We worked out with probably 8 other people and I think they were expecting more out of me then what I could give. Apparently being the wife of trainer implies that I too enjoy working out. Which is the opposite. There was another wife of a trainer there and she definitely gave me a bad name since she was all in shape and acted like the workouts were doing were not a big deal. The whole time I thought I was going to throw-up or die. Though neither happened.

So after bootcamp and laying on the couch for a few hours I went to the TU watch party. It was fun. Very crowded, but it was exciting to be around genuine TU fans. I was with the group that was the last to leave. We looked up and everyone was gone, including the wait staff. The security guard came over and said they wanted to lock up. We were like, "oh ok, we're not sure how we missed everyone leaving." Eh, it happens right?

Sunday was a lazy day. Mainly because I couldn't move due to bootcamp. I'm still in pain and some how I'm supposed to show back up and do more workouts. We'll see. I may not want to be in too much pain for the Britney Concert which is tomorrow!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend in Bullet Point Form

  • Drinking with 5 hour energy drink will cause you to stay up way too late, i.e. 4am.
  • I'm too old to remember the rules to asshole.
  • I'm not too old to find asshole funny.
  • Drinking Project Runway is hilarious. We used the words design, style, bitches, and Ra'mon's interviews.
  • It takes me days to recover from binge drinking.
  • I'm in love with the Biscuit Acres, the dog park. I feel like I'm doing something with the dogs only I'm not the one running around and wearing myself out. It's amazing.
  • Watching Glee, the new Fox show, is hilarious. Either because it really is that funny or because I was still hyper from the 5 hour energy drink.
  • I did not have a hangover from the binge drinking which I believe is due to the 5 hour energy drink and it's million percent serving size of vitamin B.