Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend in Bullet Point Form

  • Drinking with 5 hour energy drink will cause you to stay up way too late, i.e. 4am.
  • I'm too old to remember the rules to asshole.
  • I'm not too old to find asshole funny.
  • Drinking Project Runway is hilarious. We used the words design, style, bitches, and Ra'mon's interviews.
  • It takes me days to recover from binge drinking.
  • I'm in love with the Biscuit Acres, the dog park. I feel like I'm doing something with the dogs only I'm not the one running around and wearing myself out. It's amazing.
  • Watching Glee, the new Fox show, is hilarious. Either because it really is that funny or because I was still hyper from the 5 hour energy drink.
  • I did not have a hangover from the binge drinking which I believe is due to the 5 hour energy drink and it's million percent serving size of vitamin B.


Jax said...

I love this. you crack me up! ha! I want to come to the puppy park sometime! I havent taken G out there yet, but I want to. I just dont like socializing with the other pet owners. Yeah, I'm a bitch. I'm okay with it.

Andrea said...

I love you because you love bullet points just as much as I do. Also, I suspect you enjoy drinking and drinking games just as much as I do too. :)