Friday, December 14, 2007

What gets old after 5 days

  • Having no power
  • Throwing out food because it spoiled because of no power
  • Going out to eat at overly crowded restaurants because no one has power
  • Being cold
  • Not being able to see after 5pm

I'm very thankful for having a warm place to stay at night. I'm no longer dependent on my TV shows (but am also secretly thankful for the writer's strike, so I'm not really missing anything.) Things are getting better and we'll get through it. To all my friends who need a warm place, call me. I've got several options that I'm willing to share (even if you have pets).

Below are pics of my car covered by limbs. No damage thankfully.

This is at Dave's parent's house. Their tree split in half. Not great pics because it was at night.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

If a tree falls and no one is around, it still makes a sound

If there is a tree left standing...I'll be shocked. I can not believe that ice can snap limbs like trees. It's crazy! I had a limb fall on my car. I don't think there is any damage, but I'll keep you posted. I did take pictures but my camera is at home.

So, I have no power. Dave has no power. Parent's have no power. Friends have no power. Dave's parent's HAVE power. Awesome!! Slept there last night. (and no we did not sleep in the same bed.)

So, went driving around with Dave, Rachel, and Matt last night trying to find fire wood. We went to Lowe's, shockingly they were out. We went to Rib Crib, but it was frozen to the ground. We went to my old rent house (because the detached garage has firewood), but the new renter was outside cutting limbs. Went to a house that Matt and Rachel thought about buying, but there was a car in the drive way. We gave up and went to Reasor's for beer. Matt and Rachel came out with:
  • Beer
  • chips
  • tape
  • aluminum foil
  • and STARTER LOGS!!!

Side note: while waiting for the boys to come home, Rachel and I were discussing how to keep heat in. We opted for foiling the windows. It helps, I promise.

So last night, we drank, played spades (I was on the winning team!), and hung out by the fire. The boys got to play survivor and drag in limbs and start a fire. It turned out to be pretty fun.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lessons never learned

I always forget where I park. Always. I work five days a week and every night when I leave I have to stop in the lobby to think about where I parked to I know which door to leave out of. Several, several times I have gone out the wrong door and had to walk around the building to find my car. I'm screwed if someone steals my car. So if you find me aimlessly walking around my work building please stop and help me find my car or take me home.

I never get a grocery cart when I enter the grocery store. I think it's because I have it in my head I'm only getting a few items. It always happens like this:
  • enter grocery store bypassing carts
  • start grabbing items
  • try to juggle items while walking around grocery store grabbing more items
  • set all items down and run around the grocery store looking for a cart
  • grab cart and race back to aisle where items were left.
  • fill up my cart with items while getting stares from other shoppers wondering how I found shampoo in the chip aisle.

I have no sense of direction. Seriously. I can (and have!) get turned around in my neighborhood. It's sad. I'll be driving and suddenly think "oh shit! Am I even going the right way?" I'll look around trying to figure out which direction I'm headed and where I need to go. It's so pathetic. I blame it on the highway by my house that has the South entrance on the North side and the North on the South side. And the fact that we have no landmark to guide us. Like Colorado has mountains so they know the mountains are west (or whatever direction they really are).

Yay dinner with the girls tonight. Let's hope I know how to get there and remember where I parked!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday LBs

Saturday I tried to go shopping to relieve the pain of the TU loss. It was unsuccessful. I went to Express to try to find a cute company Christmas party dress. To my horror I had to go up a size. That was depressing. I just left. I'm currently hoovering in denial refusing to admit that I've gained enough weight to actually go up size. So I'm back on the motivation train to work out at the gym. I immediately went to the grocery store buying, fruit and things I can take to work for lunch. I blame my weight gain on Taco Bueno and Bill and Ruth's. Therefore, I'm also back on my band wagon of boycotting fast food places. Oh and I've given up pop again. I believe this makes it round 209. My goal is be back in my normal size by New Year's. Because I want to wear a very cute New Year's dress without constantly thinking that I had to go up size to wear it.

The weekend was exhausting. Took History final. I don't give a shit what I got in the class. It's done. Thank God. And I still don't know history. I also pulled another all-nighter for that damn test.

After the all-nighter, test, and depressing shopping trip, I went to my company's Christmas Party. Very fun. I always enjoy when everyone leaves and there is a just a hand-full of people left. Everyone loosens up and we danced well into the night. Super fun. Oh and one employee did throw up on the floor and it wasn't me!! Poor thing.

Sunday was "Lazy Sunday." I did nothing.