Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lessons never learned

I always forget where I park. Always. I work five days a week and every night when I leave I have to stop in the lobby to think about where I parked to I know which door to leave out of. Several, several times I have gone out the wrong door and had to walk around the building to find my car. I'm screwed if someone steals my car. So if you find me aimlessly walking around my work building please stop and help me find my car or take me home.

I never get a grocery cart when I enter the grocery store. I think it's because I have it in my head I'm only getting a few items. It always happens like this:
  • enter grocery store bypassing carts
  • start grabbing items
  • try to juggle items while walking around grocery store grabbing more items
  • set all items down and run around the grocery store looking for a cart
  • grab cart and race back to aisle where items were left.
  • fill up my cart with items while getting stares from other shoppers wondering how I found shampoo in the chip aisle.

I have no sense of direction. Seriously. I can (and have!) get turned around in my neighborhood. It's sad. I'll be driving and suddenly think "oh shit! Am I even going the right way?" I'll look around trying to figure out which direction I'm headed and where I need to go. It's so pathetic. I blame it on the highway by my house that has the South entrance on the North side and the North on the South side. And the fact that we have no landmark to guide us. Like Colorado has mountains so they know the mountains are west (or whatever direction they really are).

Yay dinner with the girls tonight. Let's hope I know how to get there and remember where I parked!

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