Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dialogue: Not Teresa's Assistant

Scene: Car show held at the school that I run.

Me: Welcome crazy car lady! We're so glad you and your cars are here!

Crazy Car Lady (CCL): Why thank you Teresa's assistant! I want to introduce you to my 10 assistants.

Me: Well, it was certainly nice to meet all of your assistants. As you know, I'm the director of the campus and we're just so excited to have you here with us today.

CCL: Oh, Teresa's assistant you're too kind. My assistants are like what you are to Teresa, they assist me.

Me: That's great Crazy Car Lady. I'm glad you have your 10 assistants to help you. Teresa only has one assistant and it's not me. Because as you know I run this school.

CCL: I'm so lucky to have my 10 assistants. I'm sure Teresa feels the same way about you since you assist her so much!

Me: Yep, that's why I have Campus Director on my name badge!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weekend & Prom

Its so hard to start blogging when I've been MIA for so long. So this will probably be worthless. I'm going to OKC this weekend. I get to see my dear friend Melanie. We're going to watch Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. I can't wait. I leave tonight and will come back Sat in time to see Wicked with my mom. It was a birthday gift that I gave her. Then that night is a pool party with one of my co-workers. Should be a fun weekend! Oh and my sister-in-law comes into town tomorrow. I'm so glad its summer. It feels like you can do some much more when its warm and sunny.

I read all of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. These are the books that the series True Blood is based off. They're good, but you have to just accept the novel as is. Which is awesome when you just want to escape reality.

I want to host Prom. Seriously. Where people come in Prom dresses and dance. I just don't know where to begin. I know my living room is big enough for a dance floor. I think I need to get a Prom planning committee together. The theme is Under the Sea. I can't remember what my high school prom theme was, but the colors were silver and black. I'm thinking these prom colors should be pool blue and fuchsia. What do you think? What other prom theme things can I do?? Do you want to come?