Friday, December 14, 2007

What gets old after 5 days

  • Having no power
  • Throwing out food because it spoiled because of no power
  • Going out to eat at overly crowded restaurants because no one has power
  • Being cold
  • Not being able to see after 5pm

I'm very thankful for having a warm place to stay at night. I'm no longer dependent on my TV shows (but am also secretly thankful for the writer's strike, so I'm not really missing anything.) Things are getting better and we'll get through it. To all my friends who need a warm place, call me. I've got several options that I'm willing to share (even if you have pets).

Below are pics of my car covered by limbs. No damage thankfully.

This is at Dave's parent's house. Their tree split in half. Not great pics because it was at night.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

If a tree falls and no one is around, it still makes a sound

If there is a tree left standing...I'll be shocked. I can not believe that ice can snap limbs like trees. It's crazy! I had a limb fall on my car. I don't think there is any damage, but I'll keep you posted. I did take pictures but my camera is at home.

So, I have no power. Dave has no power. Parent's have no power. Friends have no power. Dave's parent's HAVE power. Awesome!! Slept there last night. (and no we did not sleep in the same bed.)

So, went driving around with Dave, Rachel, and Matt last night trying to find fire wood. We went to Lowe's, shockingly they were out. We went to Rib Crib, but it was frozen to the ground. We went to my old rent house (because the detached garage has firewood), but the new renter was outside cutting limbs. Went to a house that Matt and Rachel thought about buying, but there was a car in the drive way. We gave up and went to Reasor's for beer. Matt and Rachel came out with:
  • Beer
  • chips
  • tape
  • aluminum foil
  • and STARTER LOGS!!!

Side note: while waiting for the boys to come home, Rachel and I were discussing how to keep heat in. We opted for foiling the windows. It helps, I promise.

So last night, we drank, played spades (I was on the winning team!), and hung out by the fire. The boys got to play survivor and drag in limbs and start a fire. It turned out to be pretty fun.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lessons never learned

I always forget where I park. Always. I work five days a week and every night when I leave I have to stop in the lobby to think about where I parked to I know which door to leave out of. Several, several times I have gone out the wrong door and had to walk around the building to find my car. I'm screwed if someone steals my car. So if you find me aimlessly walking around my work building please stop and help me find my car or take me home.

I never get a grocery cart when I enter the grocery store. I think it's because I have it in my head I'm only getting a few items. It always happens like this:
  • enter grocery store bypassing carts
  • start grabbing items
  • try to juggle items while walking around grocery store grabbing more items
  • set all items down and run around the grocery store looking for a cart
  • grab cart and race back to aisle where items were left.
  • fill up my cart with items while getting stares from other shoppers wondering how I found shampoo in the chip aisle.

I have no sense of direction. Seriously. I can (and have!) get turned around in my neighborhood. It's sad. I'll be driving and suddenly think "oh shit! Am I even going the right way?" I'll look around trying to figure out which direction I'm headed and where I need to go. It's so pathetic. I blame it on the highway by my house that has the South entrance on the North side and the North on the South side. And the fact that we have no landmark to guide us. Like Colorado has mountains so they know the mountains are west (or whatever direction they really are).

Yay dinner with the girls tonight. Let's hope I know how to get there and remember where I parked!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday LBs

Saturday I tried to go shopping to relieve the pain of the TU loss. It was unsuccessful. I went to Express to try to find a cute company Christmas party dress. To my horror I had to go up a size. That was depressing. I just left. I'm currently hoovering in denial refusing to admit that I've gained enough weight to actually go up size. So I'm back on the motivation train to work out at the gym. I immediately went to the grocery store buying, fruit and things I can take to work for lunch. I blame my weight gain on Taco Bueno and Bill and Ruth's. Therefore, I'm also back on my band wagon of boycotting fast food places. Oh and I've given up pop again. I believe this makes it round 209. My goal is be back in my normal size by New Year's. Because I want to wear a very cute New Year's dress without constantly thinking that I had to go up size to wear it.

The weekend was exhausting. Took History final. I don't give a shit what I got in the class. It's done. Thank God. And I still don't know history. I also pulled another all-nighter for that damn test.

After the all-nighter, test, and depressing shopping trip, I went to my company's Christmas Party. Very fun. I always enjoy when everyone leaves and there is a just a hand-full of people left. Everyone loosens up and we danced well into the night. Super fun. Oh and one employee did throw up on the floor and it wasn't me!! Poor thing.

Sunday was "Lazy Sunday." I did nothing.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blackberry and photos

I feel like a technological nincompoop. I just spent 20 minutes and three phone calls to activate my new work blackberry. After calling and talking to 2 different customer service representatives, and changing the language to French and asking the CR to fix it, and cursing at the automated customer service I got it activated. Then they tell me to turn it off for 20 minutes. Why? Why do I have turn off my phone? I just activated it!! I want to play with it.

Well here is the new Blackberry. I don't know how to use it. Oh and I haven't had my actual cell phone since Sunday, because I left it at Dave's. And since I have the work phone I haven't felt like I've needed it. I will get it back at some point and return phone calls.

As I was downloading my pictures on to my computer I realize that I have been taking photos!! (I thought I had fallen short of my promise to use my new camera.) I forgot about some lovely shots that I took with my camera. So here's an update:

This man is a Creepy Townie (will go by CT from here on). While he looks innocent enough he's actual a total Creepy Creeperson. Cut to Flashback

Dave, Matt, Rachel, and I enter The Buc. One of Tulsa's finest hole in the wall bars.

Dave and Matt immediately bee line for the bar. Rachel and I are left to look for seats. Little did we know that a local AM station would be at the bar for a remote sports promotion. Therefore, they took our table. We did find seats by a pool table that was not being used.

Rachel and I sit by pool table. Small chit chat taking place.

Me: "This is annoying. Ask the radio station to please move from our table."

Rachel: "I know. I keep giving them evil looks. We'll just continue to stare at their table until they leave."

CT: in low volume voice, "Nice legs."

ME: "Excuse me?" look at Rachel "He wasn't actually talking to us right? Just speaking to the voices in head."

Rachel readjusts her legs

CT: "Your legs are a distraction."

Me: "Seriously?!" look at Rachel and speak in an over emphasized loud volume, "I'll be glad when YOUR HUSBAND comes back from the bar."

CT: not getting the hint, walks past us. "Nice legs."

Rachel: "I always think legs look their best sitting down and in jeans."

Me: "Agreed. The best look for legs are in jeans, sitting down, next to a pool table."

boys come back and radio station leaves and we get our table. Where we proceed to drink the party tab!

Not actual size of the party tab

This is a picture of the empty party tab. This is not the first time we've drank this. Normally we (meaning me) bring a deck of cards and we all play card games. (i.e. Asshole, where we make Rachel - because unfortunately she is really bad at asshole - stand on her chair and yell, "I'm the asshole!") I forgot the cards so we had to socialize like normal people.

The party tab lead to dancing.

Don't her legs look great in jeans?

Other pictures I found:

This is TU tailgating at its finest!

Captain Cane playing beer pong before the last home regular season game.

This is Dave and Dirk celebrating after their big win at beer pong.

This is all I have. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Marathon, Turkey, and such

Breakfast: water - good
Hershey's chocolate bar - bad

Whatever, it's better then my diet Dr. Pepper breakfast I've had the past two weeks (minus Sundays when Dave and I actually eat good breakfast). Speaking of Sundays:

Last Sunday
Go to mass - good
Get stuck for at least 30 minutes in the middle of the Route 66 Marathon - bad

Dave and I tried to go to breakfast after mass and ended up in the middle of the Route 66 Marathon course. Not good. Everywhere we drove we were barricaded in. I actually lost it when we saw the same runners twice. I don’t know how Dave puts up with me. I was cursing and complaining and saying that this is costing me gas. He’s laughing and saying we’re enjoying a nice Sunday drive. I didn’t find it funny and replied nobody takes Sunday drives and all we’re doing is wasting gas and polluting the Earth. *sigh* We made it out alive (obviously) and finally got to a restaurant. Too late for breakfast, so we opted for Chili’s where he could watch the start of the Giants game. He deserved to engulf himself in football for the Sunday drive we had.

For next Thanksgiving I want to host a "Bring a dish you want to try" dinner. I figure it could be about a week before Thanksgiving. All my friends are at the age that we should be cooking (so I hear) and are probably wanting to bring something fantastic to Thanksgiving or *gasp* actually hosting one. So what better way to see if your dish will work then by trying it on your friends? So mark your calendars. Hopefully I will have a house by then and will host the fun event complimented by fun beverages!

Thanksgiving this year is slightly awkward. My family normally gets together with my extended family. But it’s not happening this year. So my mom (not a good cook) wants to have a small Thanksgiving meal. Dave's mom (very good cook) is hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner. Why can't my family just order in pizza, watch football, and wish Dave and me well when we go to a nice dinner?

That reminds me. I'm looking for an easy-t0-do-but-looks-like-I-put-way-too-much-effort recipe. I inherited my mother's cooking ability and feel the need to bring something to Dave's family dinner. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving! Any one braving the day after Thanksgiving shopping??

Friday, November 9, 2007

New Camera!

Last night I got a new camera and I didn't even have to buy it! Everyone got presents at the work happy hour and lucky me got a camera. Annnddd I found my other camera. The new camera is WAY better! Isn't it pretty!

So here are the pictures with the new camera!

Happy hour with coworkers!

Bailey and Bullock.

The dogs weren't at happy hour. I just wanted to take more pictures.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


1. Big job is on the line report is done. Mailed it last night and they have received it. Big relief! Now we just have to sit and wait until they review in December.

2. I can not find my camera. I'm not happy about this. So I've decided I need a new one. When I get a new I will love it and care for it and use it. I got bad about the other one. But I know with a brand new shiny camera I will want to use it at all times.

3. I am bitter that when I leave work it is dark. Going on daylight savings sucks (or is it coming off? That confuses me. Let me know if you know the answer). So I'm joining my company's gym. That's my stance against the weather changing to cold and it getting dark too damn early.

4. I need to figure out what to do for New Year's. Dave and I always go away for New Year's. I like the San Diego idea presented by Jackie several months ago. (We may not still be invited since it was so long ago). Dave suggested Houston but we did Austin a few years ago and that's basically the same thing. I want something different.

5. Last home football of the year this Saturday. The boys are having a cookout starting at 9:30. I don't believe I'll be joining them. But everyone is welcome to go if they want to tailgate and eat omelets.

6. It's Thursday!! We're going to a company happy hour at McNellie's. I'm excited since this will be a nice celebration for my big report. - The happy hour isn't for me, I'm just turning it into a celebration for me.

7. It is almost Christmas. I have no idea what I am going to get anybody - especially my mother. I don't believe she has used any gifts I've gotten her in the past 15 years. Last year was a great gift with $50 gift certificate to Clary Sage. Has not used. Maybe this year I'll make a donation in her name.

8. The NBC's promo for Universal Green is working on me. I saw the clip how plastics is covering the beaches in Hawaii and sea life is dying by chocking on floating plastic trash. I'm joining the band wagon of recycling and trying to help the planet. I don't know about you, but plastic beaches does not sound appealing.

9. I need to start thinking about my goals for next year. Dave has already done his. He even sent them to me to keep him accountable. He's so cute, the first one was to get married. :)

10. Thursday is so awesome because tomorrow is Friday!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Weddings - not mine

So, Saturday I got the pleasure of attending two weddings in 1 day. I know you're excited because everyone loves attending weddings, especially when they're back to back and start at 1pm.

Wedding #1:
Very causal. No alcohol and finger food. Nice and pulled very gracefully even though it was planned in 6 days. I was impressed.

Wedding #2:
Daddy has money. Therefore, I drank from the open bar, spilled my drink on my future mother-in-law and tried to yell at the new Grey's Anatomy cast member. She was the maid of honor at this wedding and Dave wouldn't do the stand in front of her so I can take a picture move. I really wanted to stand in front of her myself but couldn't convince him. Where are my camera happy friends when you need them?? So no, no new McDreamy's girlfriend's picture.

There was a creepy old man who kept wrapping his arm around my waist and smiling at Dave. Weird, yet somehow he managed to get away with it...

I went to bed at 9pm.

In my defense I went back to the old college days of pulling an all-nighter the night before an exam. I don't know why I haven't learned that studying throughout the weeks is better then doing it all in one night. However I managed an 86 and I'll take it!

On a side note: If one more person asks me if I'm taking notes at these weddings I'm going to poke them in the eyes. I know I'm suppose to be taking mental notes about what I like or don't like but I'm not. And won't. And at this point its just out of spite. So there!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spoiler Alert - Grey's

If you do not want a spoiler do not read.

McDreamy gets a girlfriend. It's Lauren Stamile and she's from Tulsa!! We're actually friends with her sister! So now I'm in that 6 degree of separation from the cast of Grey's!! (More like 2 but I'm not going to rub it in!)

Anyways, McDreamy gets a girlfriend and she's signed on for at least 6 episodes. She's cute and since I'm over the Meredith can't have a boyfriend because of her father scenario I'm excited!!

So all those die hard Meredith and Derek fans, prepare yourselves for the new woman! (At least for a while)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hump Day

1. I hate History. At least this f-ing history class. I'm stressing out about it and feel like I'm an idiot because I do not know why William Jennings Bryan is against the Treaty of Paris. Boo on History.

2. I like my new responsibilities. Oh update for those that do not know - I'm transitioning into a position. I don't change lives but I do keep the company in compliance.

3. I got engagement presents. Here is an example of a thank you card I wrote. "Dear so & so, Thank you for the measuring cups and set of measuring spoons. I can't wait to use them!" For those that don't know, I nor Dave cook. But I have measuring cups in case someone needs to measure something!

4. Changed location of wedding reception. It's at a hotel and now I don't have to feel like an organizer for MADD because I was scared of people drinking and driving. Problem solved since they can get a room and we'll provide alcohol at the reception and in a hospitality suite. They can always us the hotel van if they really need to leave the place... no longer on my conscience!

5. I'm so out of shape it is no longer funny. I tried to this video workout which kicked my ass. Now its been almost a week since I've worked out because I'm staying late at work and studying for the stupid history test. I have promised myself that I will begin my workout routine again on Sunday. You are now my witness.

6. I have 2 back to back weddings on Sat and therefore can not go to the TU game. I'm disappointed. We were suppose to tailgate like a big school this Saturday. Which entailed getting there at 8 and making omelets and having mimosas.

7. My company is encouraging us to dress on Halloween. I want to dress up like Ms. America with a gown, crown and sash. Any ideas on where to get the sash? I'll take pictures and post. Any ideas on couple costumes for a Halloween party?

8. I keep thinking today is Tuesday and it's Wednesday. Which means I need to clean up the house I'm house sitting for and buckle down on this history study guide.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Budget Sensibly

Last night I sat down with my future hubby and his parents to discuss the budget. They had come together to write down all the costs and where money is being divided. Let's just say the number that was down there was so far out of my price range that my immediate reaction was to just start laughing. So I did and I couldn't stop. And I kept thinking this isn't right. Wrong. We went back through adjusting things and it wasn't that far off. We only got it down by $500. That's when I started crying.

I'm a very realistic person. Even growing up I knew my parents didn't have a secret wedding bank account. I knew that I would have to pay for this. I think that's why I didn't want to get married until I was at least 28 because in my head I would be making money at 28 and could pay for a wedding. I can't pay for this wedding. Correction. I can't pay for this reception.

So I'm freaking out trying to figure out how to do this without taking out a car loan...

Monday, October 1, 2007

Good morning

Today I woke up at my parents' house. As depressing as that is it does get worse. My mother smokes. Not only does she smoke she smokes in the house. I’m completely convinced that I will die from second hand smoke from her and then I'll be resentful. I do understand that I breathe in second hand smoke at bars and my drinking consumption will probably deteriorate my liver first, but if I do get lung cancer it will be on the head of mother. I don’t care if that sounds awful. Since I was a child I brought home little smoking is bad for you pamphlets. She used to hide her habit but now she just doesn’t care. Also I can’t keep my wedding dress there because who wants to walk down the aisle smelling like second hand smoke and have yellowing on their dress? Grrr.

So after I get over the fact that I smell like smoke. I walk into the dinning room to get breakfast. (One upside is the parents now buy groceries and that’s pretty awesome.) But before I hit the kitchen I almost step in dog poop. I did leave it there for the next person to find because well they’re not my dogs.

Also, my parents’ house is falling down. I do not understand the theory of paying off the house but not keeping it up. So what if it gets paid off if the ground beneath it is shifting and they’re holes all around the house. Grrr.

I keep telling myself that I can’t change them or try to fix it. I’m only there because I have to pay for part of this wedding by myself. I will have money saved and will get to have my own house that I can keep however I want. I need a poster of that saying…

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Guest lists

I hate them. The venue we chose only has room for 150 people. As I chose it I thought I don't even know a 150 people, perfect. Wrong. Apparently my parents and Dave's parents know 150 people. We have 252 people on the guest list. If you go by what all the articles say 30% of them will not show. That's 177 people. Still over the limit. I hate this. And you know what’s worse; I have to cut friends because family is supposed to be there. Who do I talk to and hang out with more? My third cousin once removed or my friends? Grrrr...

In other news, I got a storage unit. While this does not seem like a big deal it is. Somehow my soon to be old roommate and I have to figure out how to cram a house full of furniture into a 10X10 square. Moving is such a pain I hate it almost as much as revising guest lists.

I'm cranky and boring today. Blah.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Moving on up to the East Side...

In every relationship there are sacrifices. Mine is moving home with my parents till I get married. Of course I say this with a disclaimer that I might not last 9 months living with them again and then I'll be a bum bouncing from couch to couch. So look forward to that come Oct 1.

So I started RCIA. These are catholic classes for adults who wish to learn more about Catholicism. I'm thinking about converting so I took my first class Wednesday. No big deal they just told us what to expect and then we went around the room introducing ourselves.

Labor Day weekend! Love this weekend. Football season is here, the weather is still great and we get a short work week. I'm super excited.

MUST GO SHOPPING. I know every girl in America claims that she has no clothes, but I don't. I wear the same 7 outfits and just keep rotating them and now they're looking a little too worn. Not pretty.

Oh...I'm taking 9 hours of class this semester. Why? Because I want to get my Master's and because TU never made me take certain requirements to do so. Such as History and Government. Not my strong suite but so far I'm not doing too bad. They're all Internet classes so we'll see how they go.

I get to watch Gracie this weekend! This is Jackie's dog who is soo cute. I'm hoping her and Bailey will play together. Bailey needs a friend. She loves everybody and every dog that comes along. She's just a little too hyper for most people and animals for that matter.

Wedding plans are coming along. I actually nailed down several vendors and just need to work on the caterer and florist then I can begin focusing on the small details. I can't believe I'm getting married in 9 months from today! That may sound forever away but it is coming faster than I realized. Slightly overwhelming, not going to lie.

Have a safe and happy long weekend. TU won last night so I'm in a good mood. Can't wait till the home opener!

Monday, July 30, 2007


Missed me? Well new updates. Creepy Redneck never showed up. He did call a couple more times and gave me his texting number a couple more times. Filthy friends are back to their normal routine of not cleaning. I think I now have an aversion to cleaning because every time I think I need to clean I go back to the memory of their house and mine is just not that bad so then I just don't do it. Not a good habit.

Well I've moved back to my old office in my old building. Today was the first day back and it was like I'd never been gone, I just don't have any office supplies or documents on my computer.

So has any seen the blogs posted by Courtney Love? Where she tries to type but nothing really is typed correctly yet you can somehow still makesense of it. "id rather have homos any f**king day being that i am a gay mn trannie any f**king way ... colopur my ass liza im thrilled!" What?! Why am I understanding this?Maybe Lindsay Lohan will have a roommate in rehab...

So I know you've been awaiting to see if I'll make a decision about wedding colors. Well I have! We're going with blue and yellow. Sort of a TU theme but not cheesy I promise! It's a nice bright blue and a pale yellow. It'll be pretty I promise.

Oh!! Guess what! I got to see Kathy Griffin live! She was hilarious! Sooo funny and sooo inappropriate! I'm pretty sure that she's right...I'm probably going to hell just for listening to her. She didn't stop making of anyone. Not Paula, not Ms. Ryan Seacrest, not a terminally ill child in a wheelchair who couldn't talk. Yeah I know going to hell and as Ms. Griffin put it I've already got my handbag made. Seriously she was so funny, she didn't miss a beat all night and I would definitely see her again if given the opportunity. Only downer was that she didn't sign any autographs afterwards. I'm even a bigger fan. Sooo funny. Still laughing.

Friday, June 15, 2007

You might be a redneck if....

Remember redneck from yesterday? Well he just called again. Conversation goes like this:

Me: Admissions this is Blaze.
Him: Well hello beautiful.
Me: hello?
Him: I have questions

talk talk talk

Him: I have a special request
Me: what?
Him: Will you meet with me when I come into the school?
Me: That's my job, I help you through this whole process.
Him: what are you doing this weekend?
Me: I have plans
Him: You still have my number?
Me: Yes, I'm required to keep it in a database
Him: Well text me this weekend if you get bored.
Me: That won't happen

Got off phone. Does anyone else think this odd? 'Cause now I'm little creeped out!

Found his on the internet and thought it was fitting!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Filthy Friends & A Redneck

I am "house sitting" while my friends are on a one week honeymoon. They however did not attempt to pick up their house prior to leaving (please do not pull the they had a lot to do so give them a break). So since Sunday I have been cleaning. I'm not a neat freak but this place is not livable. It's gross. So as my wedding present to them they get to return to a clean house. Sounds easy right?
Well I wish I would have documented this event with my camera. The place was gross. Picture dishes in sink (no dishwasher), laundry room covered in dirty clothes (if there was a floor I didn't see it), clothes strung all over the house, they hadn't swept in probably a year, paper bags all over (not sure why). So I began my cleaning adventure on Monday. I did a couple of loads of laundry & cleaned up the living room (which included sweeping and dusting). The next day I did another load of laundry (at this point we were doing loads by colors such as yellow, blue, & red). I then recruited my roommate by telling her it could be a gift from us. She did two more loads of laundry and cleaned the laundry room while I worked on the kitchen & bathroom. That took us two hours.
The following day I switched over the laundry again. And my roommate and I recruited my boyfriend. I was in charge of folding the mounds of laundry, boyfriend swept the floors and my roommate organized. We then decided to tackle the master bedroom. Which had at least 25 condom wrappers, 1 can of tomato soup, dust bunnies the size of a softball, & of course more clothes!We're almost through with the clothes; we're actually down to just one more load of laundry. Our only problem is trying to find a place for all these clothes! They better appreciate this! Wouldn't you love to come home to a nice clean house?? This is not a picture of their room this is a picture I found on the internet at a site that said spiders love dirty rooms. Gross!!
***I'm going to completely change subjects***
Got of a phone call (shush I'm at work) and this guy wanted to know about massage therapy. Conversation goes like this:
Me: Admission's this is Blaze
Him: Blade?
Me: No, Blaze with a Z like fire.
Him: Well ain't that a pretty name. How'd you get that name?
Me: It's a Saint's name. There is a Saint Blaze and I'm named after him.
Him: Oh really? I love that name. Here's the thing I want to go into massage therapy and a therapist.
Talk talk talk
Me: What is it that you're currently doing?
Him: currently I'm sitting on the couch
Me: Ok are you working or going to school?
Him: No no nothing nothing I'm sorry when Clary gets a hold of me they're going to be dealing with a whole new breed of redneck.
Me: Ok...
Him: Yeah I'm a country boy and I'm leaving my horse behind. So that's going to be kinda different, I told 'em that when I want to pursue this massage therapy.
Talk talk talk
Me: Are you leaving in Muskogee right now?
Him: No ma'am I'm leaving in Hulbert, OK.
Me: Are you planning to move to Tulsa?
Him: Nope, I guess it sucks.
Me: Are you willing to make the drive?
Him: I'm guess I'm willing
talk talk talk (Not the actualy redneck but heck close enough right?)
Him: I just love the name Blaze
please stop talking about my name
Me: Thanks
Him: I'm sitting here watching a movie named Blade, yeah that's what threw me off. I was like Blade oh like Blaze with a Z.
talk talk talk
Him: Are you single?
Me: Am I single?! No, I'm not.
Him: 'Cause I got a friend for you, the thing is he is a little taller than the average person. He's from Argentina.
What the hell is going on here?
Me: Really?
Him: He's a little bit over 7 foot.
Me: Yep that's a definitely taller than the average person.
Him: He's only one of the tallest men in the world.
talk talk talk about his tall friend
Him: How easy it would be to kill a person. He would be the last person you would think you would have to fear. He is what we call the Gentle Giant.
Me: How funny.
Him: Hopefully one of these days when I go into Clary, and I ever get to meet you. He'll be with me and you'll laugh at me because I'm hanging with. Actually you'll laugh at him because he's hanging out with someone as short as me. I'm only 5'4".
Me: yeah
Him: Can I ask you a question?
Me: Ok?
Him: Can we be friends?
Me: You've never met me.
Him: I know. How do I know you aren't some crazy stalker?
Because I'm not asking you to be my friend!
Me: I'm not.
Him: Well are you ready?
Me: For what?
Him: rattles off number
Me: What's this
Him: My texting number
Does he mean pager?
Me: uh huh
Him: I hope I’ll hear from you soon.
What the hell just happened here?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Free Paris!!

And she got it! She is now under house arrest. I bet Martha is pretty PO'd that she had to serve jail time and house arrest and she didn't do anything to harm the public. DUI and bad driver Ms. Hilton gets to live in her manison and learn her lesson. I take back my last blog. I don't feel bad for her.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Check & Check

Guess what! I have a date, a church, a reception place, and a dress. God I'm good. Now I just have to do the other details that can wait until its 9 to 6 months before the wedding. I'm done (at least for a few weeks). I tried to find a cute wedding photo but you get the made up Tiffany boxes instead.

So now I'm trying to decide on colors. Any ideas?? Someone has got to have some cause I'm out of them. When I think of a color I then combat it with how silly it will look. Not sure why I'm putting so much thought into this but I feel the pressure that I must have good colors!! What is wrong with me?

I have a wedding this weekend. Should be super fun and I'm not just saying that because I'm in it. But everyone is coming into town for it and I'm excited to see everyone. I'm pretty sure someone is going to get married at least once a year for the next 5 or 6 years so our reunions are pretty much covered.

New show...Bridezilla. Hilarious! They freak out about the smallest things. Seriously, one bride asked her bridesmaids to stop eating a week before her wedding so she could be reassured that they would fit into their dresses. One had a restraining order put against her because she got mad at her florist! I hope if I ever turn into that someone will smack me across the face and tell me to shut up. But its good TV. Its on the WE channel. OK too much wedding talk. Sorry.

For more news, Paris Hilton is having a break down from being in jail. I know that this is making her more famous but I'm actually feeling bad for her. Not that she doesn't deserve this, but she's never had to live in conditions as rough as these. Which is being by herself for 23 out of 24 hours. I think that would drive anyone mad!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Gwen Stefani Rocks My World

Yeah I have a girl crush on Gwen...but who doesn't? Got to see her live in Dallas this weekend! Too much fun...although Akon and his bedtime stories were a little annoying. She was great!
Can't you see I'm advancing as a blogger. Added a picture! Pretty fancy huh? However since my dumb camera still won't load onto this computer you don't get to see my crappy photos of her on the big screen.
So the wedding plans are not really taking place. I kinda need to get on the ball of things especially since we're going to have out of town guests. I never was the little girl who dreamed of this special now that its here I don't know what I want. Do I want colors, do I want a day or evening wedding, where I do I want it, what type of music...blah blah blah. I need to start googling good parties, because that's all I really want. One kick ass party. Let's make that happen.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thoughts & Prayers with Virginia Tech

I got the news when the President of my school sent out a campus wide email asking us to send out our thoughts and prayers to Virginia Tech. I immediately pulled up MSN and read the breaking news article. My immediate thought was what would drive someone to do this? My next thought was dear god these lives have been ripped apart because of someones anger. My eyes began to tear up.

Yesterday morning the Today Show had on two brothers of two victims. One had lost his sister and the other had a sister who was injured. You could see the sorrow and shock on both of their faces as they spoke about their love for their sibling and how they couldn't wrap their heads around what had happened less then 24 hours before. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that someone could kill 32 people and leave about that many injured.

This morning I learned about the heroes that came from that day. The professor who used his body as a barricade to save his students and lost his life in the process. The young men who used classroom tables to blockade the doors to prevent the monster from entering their classroom. The injured student who had already been shot and seen his classmates shot blocked the door so the killer couldn't come back and finish off those who were still alive.

In this massive tragedy remembering those that became heroes will allow that horrendous day to have more meaning then idolizing the one man who created it.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


I do this every two weeks or so...right around pay day. I look at my budget and think "my god..why do I not have any money and it's PAY DAY!" I blame my student loans. Those damn things that I've been paying on since before I graduated. Yep I started making payments on them before I graduated so I could get a head start. It didn't seem to help. Its preventing me from continuing on for my education. Mainly because I don't want anymore debt. I know I need to get over this and just plunge more deeply into school debt. It's just so hard!

Moving on to other things. Work is getting better. I'm not pulling my ridiculous hours as much. Trying to realize that if it doesn't get done that day then it can wait till tomorrow.

Congrats to Jessica for getting a new job!! Very proud of her!

Another congrats to Bethany for getting into Pharmacy school. This is not an easy task folks and she did it!

I'm excited for this weekend. Mandy and I are finally celebrating our birthdays together! It should be super fun. I'm excited to get everyone together. Yea for my roommate for winning a fabulous party at Fox and Hound with free appetizer and stuff.

Hopefully this next week will fly by. Not just because my birthday but also because I scheduled every other Fridays off because I have extra vacation days and it will be nice having shorter weeks for awhile.

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Should be....

I should be cleaning my room/house. However, I've been consumed trying to get my camera software to allow me to transfer photos onto my computer. I still can not get this to work. Uninstalling the software and reloading it does not work. I still get this stupid message saying my security settings do not allow ActiveX. I don't know what ActiveX is. I googled it. I did this stuff that it told me to do and I still can not download my f-ing photos! This is seriously pissing me off....

Other news...I've started planning. My wedding that is. I tried on dresses. Went to warehouse of bridal dresses and had a hellious experience. Went to nice bridal boutique and I think I found "the dress". "The dress" turns out to be waaayy out of my price range. But I did find the actual designer of the dress and the other bridal stores that carry it. And no warehouse of bridal dresses does not carry it which makes it more appealing. I also picked my colors (maybe). So now that I had this information I decided to have the budget talk with 'rents.

My father said he would buy my plane ticket to Las Vegas. This is the second time he's said this. I don't know if he thinks its funny or really wishing that I would elope. My mother wouldn't actually say what amount just that I need to figure out what I want and they'll "see what they can do." So when my mom went to look up more wedding stuff online I asked my dad point blank what his money figure was. He said about $5,000. I said thank you.

From there I told my mom about the wonderful and beautiful dress. Her response was that I should be in white/white and not ivory, but that I can have/wear whatever I want, as she walked away saying it should really be white/white. Grrr. I told her the colors that I want. She said it was too close to black and that I should think about my photos. That's when she pulled out her wedding album to show me her green and pink colors. Then...she pulled out the gown. Her wedding dress. Lovely as it is, it still looks like it was worn in the 70's. She made me put it on. Yep. I put on my mom's dress. I was so scared she was going to ask me to wear it. Instead she said that she wants me to take my picture in it. long as I can wear ivory and have dark colors.

I forsee this "planning" as me learning how to say "this is what I want deal with it." I'm sure there will be more to come....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Ok...I know it's been awhile since the last blog...and well A LOT HAS HAPPENED. For one I went on my vacation. However, I did not get to go to St. Lucia. Plus I've been pulling crazy hours at work ever since I got back. So here's the update....

Well the night before (around 11;30 mind up) my wonderful boyfriend calls me and tells me can't find his passport. That one important document that lets us go outside of the United States, yeah its missing. We're up all night looking for this damn thing that he swears "is on his desk." Nope. So we go to the airport anyways at 5 in the morning and see if there is some way that we can still go. (I would like to insert that one of my good friends did pick us up at my house at 5 in the morning). So...when we finally get to the check-in counter, we were informed that no he could not get on. The poor woman tried everything, asked for his birth certificate. Nope couldn't find that. Social security card. Nope not that either. Voter's registration card. eh-eh. Oh and its Sunday so nothing is open. This is where I started thinking that I could actually go by myself and one of my friends would probably jump on the next flight to join me. Instead I just look at my wondefully forgettful boyfriend like he could magically make things change. We proceed to get out of the line and let those with the appropriate documents check-in. We call a different friend to pick us up from the airport. (Even though I did text friends letting them know I wasn't going.)

Cut to 9am because nothing could be accomplished before then. I call the hotel they can't do anything. I call the travel agency, the trip is non-refundable, non-transferable. I call my mom.

10:30ish boyfriend arrives back at my place and calls the airlines. They let us know that we need to cancel our flight by 9:15 the following morning to keep the value of our ticket. So I have lost all hope of going. I call my mom again.

Around 11ish I have my boyfriend call my boss and thank her for the wondeful trip and then apologize for the fact that we're not going. The moment he hangs up my boss's assistant calls me asking me what's wrong. I try to not cry but explain that he doesn't have his passport. (Did I mention that we knew about this trip since January?) She told me to go back to his place try to look for it and she's going to think of another plan.

11:30ish I get a phone call from my boss's assistant that there is a flight to Puerto Rico at 1pm. That we don't need a passport to go there and that they'll work out the hotel stuff while we're in flight. Different friend takes us to the airport.

11:50ish we arrive at the airport were the check in people are asking us if we found the passport. We tell them "NO! We changed our plans and we're going to Puerto Rico!" They got us on the next flight to Puerto Rico!

10:30ish we arrive in Puerto Rico. We just so happened to have a couple of friends spending their spring break there and met up with them. Tons of fun from then on.

So the following day in Puerto Rico we go and visit Old San Juan. We walked around all day. When we got back to our hotel all I wanted to do was lay down. My legs hurt and I wanted rest. Strangely my boyfriend wanted to go walk the beach and watch the sunset. I agrued, while laying down, that the sun would set tomorrow and that not walking on the beach and laying in our bed is a better idea because we walked all day! He wouldn't let up. So I gave in and we down to walk the beach. We walked a little, played in the water a little. The sun had set behind the buildings and I still wanted to lay down before dinner. So I was ready to go back up but my boyfriend wouldn't let me. He finally tells me he has something to give me. I assume its a shell he found on the beach. Instead he starts telling me how wonderful I am and how much he loves me and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes! I'm engaged!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Lost friend

I was reading a friend's blog when it occurred to me that I haven't actually talked to this person in probably a month. Now most people would say that's not a big deal. Well I call this person my best friend. I've known this person for over a decade and a half. And I haven't hung out with her in can't remember how long. This technology stuff makes us feel like we're keeping tabs on people when we're not actually communicating with one another. It's pitiful and I'm actually ashamed of myself for not trying to keep in touch. Maybe I'll pick up one of the gizmo's that lets you talk to each other and see if she wants to meet up for dinner or something to catch up.

It's been awhile

So its been awhile since my last blog. Sorry. Work has been busy. Fun but super busy. I'm so excited the new campus is finally opening!! And every last one of you better come see me so we can get manicures and pedicures!! I'm so excited!

Well the rumor is true! My friend is pregnant! I'm surprised at how excited I am for her. I wasn't sure if I was ready to admit my friends are growing up but I'm so excited! I finally have a friend who will just tell you how it is. Point blank. So far she isn't a fan of it since she's nausea 24 hours out the day. She compared it to being hung over all the time. My hang overs are from hell and I always vomit so clearly this pregnant thing isn't for me. But I'm excited and can't wait to hear what size the baby is compared to food. I think that's the funniest thing. My baby is a size of a pea. And everyone always goes "ohhh a pea! How cute!" Makes me laugh. Cause then I just visualize this green pea with eyes.

So St. Lucia is this weekend. This freaking weekend. Ask me what I have done to prepare for this? Nothing. Not a damn thing. Why? I don't know I keep using the excuse that I've been busy but I've also been sitting on my ass not shopping for this trip. I think I've been putting it off so I can feverishly run around Tulsa demanding things for this vacation. Also I haven't received the $1,000 cash for this trip and I don't really want to ask my boss "Hey thanks for the trip and I know that you're busy putting together a new school but can I have my cash?" I think she would just fire me and take away the trip. (Actually I know she wouldn't but it's still weird to ask for that). of my other friends got boobs. Got to say I'm slightly jealous. So far I've only seen them in that weird sports bra thing but they look good in them. I can't wait till it doesn't hurt her to touch them because I'm so feeling them. I can't believe she went through with it. She's the only friend that I'm aware of that went through with cosmetic surgery. I'm excited! She's wanted them for so long and finally had the opportunity to do it and went for it! I also saw things that Dr. 90210 doesn't show you, like how she can't raise her arms or sit up without cursing at everything. There are some things that I think TV needs to show you so you can go "people get addicted to that? So they can feel like ass?" Doesn't make sense, but at least she's got pretty boobs!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The count down has begun!

T -17 days! Then I'm on my way to St. Lucia!! In the Caribbean! Jealous?? I can't wait! Yet, I haven't started shopping for a swim suit. Crazy but I just can't get motivated to try one of those things on when its snowing and the high is below 30. Just can't. Maybe there will be a nude beach.

So on the Today Show I saw this blip (didn't see the whole thing) about how employers are looking at your internet pages to determine if they want to hire you. Really?! I don't act the same way at home as I do at work or any place I need to be a mature adult. I'm professional when I'm suppose be and I'm a 25 year old carefree woman when I'm on my own time. Sooo...that is now why almost all my things (i.e. myspace, facebook) are set to private. Can't find me. Although I'm sure I'm just fooling myself more then anybody else.

Rumor is out that one of my friends is pregnant. As in going to begin caring for a real live person that they created. I can't really handle it. I'm having a hard enough time that my friends are in marriages let alone creating actual families. I think this is all because I'm slow to change. I've always been slow to change. (I was born 2 months late people!) So I'm hoping that its just a rumor and I can live in my bubble that my friends aren't actually getting married they just have big parties and are now living with a boy.

Happy Hallmark Day!! (I hate this holiday and feel its worthless and setting everyone up for disappointment)

Friday, February 9, 2007

Does Anna Nicole really deserve this much attention for her death? Seriously...the media is losing their mind. I wonder if Paris Hilton will see this as threat to her celebrity and do some annoy stunt to get attention.

Its Friday! I don't have to work!! I got my Internet to work on my PC at home! I'm excited! It only took me literally 4 hours to get it working. I guess I'm not a computer guru but I did it!!

I need to start shopping for St. Lucia! I can't wait. I'm debating on if I want to buy a new camera for this trip. I really want one but not sure if I want to spend the money to get one. I'll keep debating on that in my head.

I'm finally having game night! I'm so excited. However I should be cleaning my house but I'm blogging (anything to not clean). I'm going to make snacks as well. Hopefully it'll fun and entertaining. And no one will die from food poisoning. I might make everyone sign a waiver before playing or I'll probably just resort to premade snacks like Cheese-Its.

This has been a super busy work week. I didn't get to eat any lunch this week and the earliest I left work was 6. So I'm tired and did not enjoy going into work this morning so I could attend our sales meeting. (I did go, just didn't enjoy doing it.)

So my thoughts on Grey's...creepy little girl. Too creepy and I don't care if she was on one of the ships. Too creepy and its creepy that they have Meredith trying to relate to her. It just doesn't seem to be connecting. Alex was too cute on that episode with the woman that he saved. He's starting to become a nice guy with an edge to him. Hopefully the next episode will be better. Maybe that creepy little girl is the one who caused the accident.

Ok I'm off to clean or procrastinate more!!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


It's 15 till 6. My two five o'clock appointments have not shown up but keep calling saying they are going to show up. (Why?! Its snowing! I want to be in my pj's!) So I'm waiting. I should be working on other things but I'm not. My head is stuffed up-yuck! How long should I wait? Probably not much longer. Seriously this needs to stop happening.

I did my taxes this week, slightly bitter. Actually incredibly bitter. I owe the damn state money! That just pisses me off. I have them take out the MAXIMUM amount and I owe them MORE money! Screw off! This is now motivation to leave the state! I'm moving to a state with no income tax!

10 till 6 & no one is here for my appointment. *sigh*(with an eye roll). My desk is a disaster. I really should be working on that. Should be...

I need to get back on schedule for my TV shows. I keep forgetting what day it is. Top Chef finale is on tonight. Still bitter that Sam is not in the finals but whatever. He's a winner in my cookbook! haha!

Appointments are here!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I hate hate hate forgetting something. Even worse I hate that sinking feeling you get at the pit of stomach when you realize you forgot something. Then the panic feeling of oh shit I really forgot something! Especially when it was a prior commitment. I just remembered this morning that I told my alumni board that I would join to help out the house. That I would be an advisor. Except the meeting was yesterday and guess who didn't show. This girl. I hate that. I hate that I forgot. I hate that I didn't keep my word because I forgot. I sent my frantic apologetic email stating I was sorry and I still wanted to help out and if she would let me know when the next meeting is I would be there. Now I'm going to go around all day being paranoid that I am forgetting things. *sigh*

-forgetfully paranoid

Friday, January 19, 2007


I've always been slow to change. Always. I was born two months late for Pete's sake! So of course it’s taken me awhile to adjust to the thought of blogging. Two years after a dear friend told me she was a blogger and I should do it, I've decided that I could start doing it. So here I am blogging.

Well my 2007 has started off pretty damn good. I won a contest at work so now they are going to send me to St. Lucia on an all inclusive all expense paid trip! And I actually had a reason to go and get a passport so now I feel like a real traveler! I also get to go on my first business trip which is to San Diego, CA and that sounds pretty damn good considering the weather we are experiencing here. And they gave me a raise! So I'm pretty much happy with my current company!

And Grey's was on last night! It was so good, I cried. I laughed and cried some more. However I'm not excited about this new relationship they are creating for Alex and Addison. To me it’s not believable (no comment about how you feel like the rest of the show insert sarcastic tone is sooo believable). The Office wasn't as good as normal either and I think it was because Michael actually appeared normal. That was bizarre. I did appreciate the end though. And the RW RR challenge end was slightly disappointing. We knew who would win even though I was rooting for the underdog.

I finally got my car out of my iced-in driveway and I feel like a 16 year old who just got their license and doesn't care where they drive as long as their driving. It wasn't an easy task getting my car out since it hadn't moved since last Thursday but thankfully my roommate's boyfriend had a monster truck and basically towed me out of the spot. So if anyone needs a ride let me know! However I will not come in get you once this blizzard starts (yes the blizzard of 4" to 6").