Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday LBs

Saturday I tried to go shopping to relieve the pain of the TU loss. It was unsuccessful. I went to Express to try to find a cute company Christmas party dress. To my horror I had to go up a size. That was depressing. I just left. I'm currently hoovering in denial refusing to admit that I've gained enough weight to actually go up size. So I'm back on the motivation train to work out at the gym. I immediately went to the grocery store buying, fruit and things I can take to work for lunch. I blame my weight gain on Taco Bueno and Bill and Ruth's. Therefore, I'm also back on my band wagon of boycotting fast food places. Oh and I've given up pop again. I believe this makes it round 209. My goal is be back in my normal size by New Year's. Because I want to wear a very cute New Year's dress without constantly thinking that I had to go up size to wear it.

The weekend was exhausting. Took History final. I don't give a shit what I got in the class. It's done. Thank God. And I still don't know history. I also pulled another all-nighter for that damn test.

After the all-nighter, test, and depressing shopping trip, I went to my company's Christmas Party. Very fun. I always enjoy when everyone leaves and there is a just a hand-full of people left. Everyone loosens up and we danced well into the night. Super fun. Oh and one employee did throw up on the floor and it wasn't me!! Poor thing.

Sunday was "Lazy Sunday." I did nothing.


Bethany said...

boycotting fast food always sounds like a good idea...then afer a month of not eating it you give in--have a huge mexi dicks and chicks...then you think you are going to die!

Jax said...

hahaha.. Your work holiday parties sound fun if I remember right.. lol! for going up a size, you look fabulous and I blame express for clothes that are sized incorrectly. Also, I feel your pain and made my very own "healty" trip to the grocery store this weekend.. HItting the gym.. hitting the gym. *Le sigh*