Friday, June 15, 2007

You might be a redneck if....

Remember redneck from yesterday? Well he just called again. Conversation goes like this:

Me: Admissions this is Blaze.
Him: Well hello beautiful.
Me: hello?
Him: I have questions

talk talk talk

Him: I have a special request
Me: what?
Him: Will you meet with me when I come into the school?
Me: That's my job, I help you through this whole process.
Him: what are you doing this weekend?
Me: I have plans
Him: You still have my number?
Me: Yes, I'm required to keep it in a database
Him: Well text me this weekend if you get bored.
Me: That won't happen

Got off phone. Does anyone else think this odd? 'Cause now I'm little creeped out!

Found his on the internet and thought it was fitting!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Filthy Friends & A Redneck

I am "house sitting" while my friends are on a one week honeymoon. They however did not attempt to pick up their house prior to leaving (please do not pull the they had a lot to do so give them a break). So since Sunday I have been cleaning. I'm not a neat freak but this place is not livable. It's gross. So as my wedding present to them they get to return to a clean house. Sounds easy right?
Well I wish I would have documented this event with my camera. The place was gross. Picture dishes in sink (no dishwasher), laundry room covered in dirty clothes (if there was a floor I didn't see it), clothes strung all over the house, they hadn't swept in probably a year, paper bags all over (not sure why). So I began my cleaning adventure on Monday. I did a couple of loads of laundry & cleaned up the living room (which included sweeping and dusting). The next day I did another load of laundry (at this point we were doing loads by colors such as yellow, blue, & red). I then recruited my roommate by telling her it could be a gift from us. She did two more loads of laundry and cleaned the laundry room while I worked on the kitchen & bathroom. That took us two hours.
The following day I switched over the laundry again. And my roommate and I recruited my boyfriend. I was in charge of folding the mounds of laundry, boyfriend swept the floors and my roommate organized. We then decided to tackle the master bedroom. Which had at least 25 condom wrappers, 1 can of tomato soup, dust bunnies the size of a softball, & of course more clothes!We're almost through with the clothes; we're actually down to just one more load of laundry. Our only problem is trying to find a place for all these clothes! They better appreciate this! Wouldn't you love to come home to a nice clean house?? This is not a picture of their room this is a picture I found on the internet at a site that said spiders love dirty rooms. Gross!!
***I'm going to completely change subjects***
Got of a phone call (shush I'm at work) and this guy wanted to know about massage therapy. Conversation goes like this:
Me: Admission's this is Blaze
Him: Blade?
Me: No, Blaze with a Z like fire.
Him: Well ain't that a pretty name. How'd you get that name?
Me: It's a Saint's name. There is a Saint Blaze and I'm named after him.
Him: Oh really? I love that name. Here's the thing I want to go into massage therapy and a therapist.
Talk talk talk
Me: What is it that you're currently doing?
Him: currently I'm sitting on the couch
Me: Ok are you working or going to school?
Him: No no nothing nothing I'm sorry when Clary gets a hold of me they're going to be dealing with a whole new breed of redneck.
Me: Ok...
Him: Yeah I'm a country boy and I'm leaving my horse behind. So that's going to be kinda different, I told 'em that when I want to pursue this massage therapy.
Talk talk talk
Me: Are you leaving in Muskogee right now?
Him: No ma'am I'm leaving in Hulbert, OK.
Me: Are you planning to move to Tulsa?
Him: Nope, I guess it sucks.
Me: Are you willing to make the drive?
Him: I'm guess I'm willing
talk talk talk (Not the actualy redneck but heck close enough right?)
Him: I just love the name Blaze
please stop talking about my name
Me: Thanks
Him: I'm sitting here watching a movie named Blade, yeah that's what threw me off. I was like Blade oh like Blaze with a Z.
talk talk talk
Him: Are you single?
Me: Am I single?! No, I'm not.
Him: 'Cause I got a friend for you, the thing is he is a little taller than the average person. He's from Argentina.
What the hell is going on here?
Me: Really?
Him: He's a little bit over 7 foot.
Me: Yep that's a definitely taller than the average person.
Him: He's only one of the tallest men in the world.
talk talk talk about his tall friend
Him: How easy it would be to kill a person. He would be the last person you would think you would have to fear. He is what we call the Gentle Giant.
Me: How funny.
Him: Hopefully one of these days when I go into Clary, and I ever get to meet you. He'll be with me and you'll laugh at me because I'm hanging with. Actually you'll laugh at him because he's hanging out with someone as short as me. I'm only 5'4".
Me: yeah
Him: Can I ask you a question?
Me: Ok?
Him: Can we be friends?
Me: You've never met me.
Him: I know. How do I know you aren't some crazy stalker?
Because I'm not asking you to be my friend!
Me: I'm not.
Him: Well are you ready?
Me: For what?
Him: rattles off number
Me: What's this
Him: My texting number
Does he mean pager?
Me: uh huh
Him: I hope I’ll hear from you soon.
What the hell just happened here?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Free Paris!!

And she got it! She is now under house arrest. I bet Martha is pretty PO'd that she had to serve jail time and house arrest and she didn't do anything to harm the public. DUI and bad driver Ms. Hilton gets to live in her manison and learn her lesson. I take back my last blog. I don't feel bad for her.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Check & Check

Guess what! I have a date, a church, a reception place, and a dress. God I'm good. Now I just have to do the other details that can wait until its 9 to 6 months before the wedding. I'm done (at least for a few weeks). I tried to find a cute wedding photo but you get the made up Tiffany boxes instead.

So now I'm trying to decide on colors. Any ideas?? Someone has got to have some cause I'm out of them. When I think of a color I then combat it with how silly it will look. Not sure why I'm putting so much thought into this but I feel the pressure that I must have good colors!! What is wrong with me?

I have a wedding this weekend. Should be super fun and I'm not just saying that because I'm in it. But everyone is coming into town for it and I'm excited to see everyone. I'm pretty sure someone is going to get married at least once a year for the next 5 or 6 years so our reunions are pretty much covered.

New show...Bridezilla. Hilarious! They freak out about the smallest things. Seriously, one bride asked her bridesmaids to stop eating a week before her wedding so she could be reassured that they would fit into their dresses. One had a restraining order put against her because she got mad at her florist! I hope if I ever turn into that someone will smack me across the face and tell me to shut up. But its good TV. Its on the WE channel. OK too much wedding talk. Sorry.

For more news, Paris Hilton is having a break down from being in jail. I know that this is making her more famous but I'm actually feeling bad for her. Not that she doesn't deserve this, but she's never had to live in conditions as rough as these. Which is being by herself for 23 out of 24 hours. I think that would drive anyone mad!