Friday, June 15, 2007

You might be a redneck if....

Remember redneck from yesterday? Well he just called again. Conversation goes like this:

Me: Admissions this is Blaze.
Him: Well hello beautiful.
Me: hello?
Him: I have questions

talk talk talk

Him: I have a special request
Me: what?
Him: Will you meet with me when I come into the school?
Me: That's my job, I help you through this whole process.
Him: what are you doing this weekend?
Me: I have plans
Him: You still have my number?
Me: Yes, I'm required to keep it in a database
Him: Well text me this weekend if you get bored.
Me: That won't happen

Got off phone. Does anyone else think this odd? 'Cause now I'm little creeped out!

Found his on the internet and thought it was fitting!


Jax said...

That might be the funniest two blogs you've done yet.. LOL!!! You know Aaron and Jeff used to call community colleges and prank them saying they wanted to give up their law degrees and go into massage therapy? LOL! Awesome. Miss you. Let's hang soon? Yes. We kept trying.. then got busy.. so I'm back to trying again.. Just dont make me go over to the messy house.. haha

♥Joy♥ said...

Blaze...wonderful blogs!! I haven't laughed that hard since I read Jax's story about the Texas Steak on Facebook! =]
Congrats on figuring out date, place, recep, etc. =] You'll be beautiful!!!
Hahaha on Paris...she should rot...a regular person would rot for 24 days!
Sorry about your filthy friends! If you are still cleaning, I'll be more than happy to help!!!
Yeah I've had quite a few weirdo callers like that. I hope he doesn't really come creepy would that be??
Have a great day!