Monday, July 30, 2007


Missed me? Well new updates. Creepy Redneck never showed up. He did call a couple more times and gave me his texting number a couple more times. Filthy friends are back to their normal routine of not cleaning. I think I now have an aversion to cleaning because every time I think I need to clean I go back to the memory of their house and mine is just not that bad so then I just don't do it. Not a good habit.

Well I've moved back to my old office in my old building. Today was the first day back and it was like I'd never been gone, I just don't have any office supplies or documents on my computer.

So has any seen the blogs posted by Courtney Love? Where she tries to type but nothing really is typed correctly yet you can somehow still makesense of it. "id rather have homos any f**king day being that i am a gay mn trannie any f**king way ... colopur my ass liza im thrilled!" What?! Why am I understanding this?Maybe Lindsay Lohan will have a roommate in rehab...

So I know you've been awaiting to see if I'll make a decision about wedding colors. Well I have! We're going with blue and yellow. Sort of a TU theme but not cheesy I promise! It's a nice bright blue and a pale yellow. It'll be pretty I promise.

Oh!! Guess what! I got to see Kathy Griffin live! She was hilarious! Sooo funny and sooo inappropriate! I'm pretty sure that she's right...I'm probably going to hell just for listening to her. She didn't stop making of anyone. Not Paula, not Ms. Ryan Seacrest, not a terminally ill child in a wheelchair who couldn't talk. Yeah I know going to hell and as Ms. Griffin put it I've already got my handbag made. Seriously she was so funny, she didn't miss a beat all night and I would definitely see her again if given the opportunity. Only downer was that she didn't sign any autographs afterwards. I'm even a bigger fan. Sooo funny. Still laughing.

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