Friday, December 19, 2008

Good Morning to You Too

I got new boots yesterday. I love my new, black, soft leather, Steve Madden boots. I was so excited to wear them today that I chose a particular outfit so that all of the gloriousness of my new boots could be seen. I wore a button down fun pattern dress. It's a little dressy for a casual Friday, but again, I really wanted to wear my boots.

This morning, as I'm running late and needed to be early because I of course forgot to prepare for my 8am meeting, I throw on my boots and my dress. My meeting included all of my admission team (10ish people) my entire new faculty (5 people) and the CEO and President. I sit down in the chair and since everyone is waiting on me, all eyes are on me. That is when the first two buttons on my dress pop open and my chest is exposed. Awesome.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

The poor Hills. Last night's episode was all about prepping for Whitney's new show The City and Speidi's "secret" wedding. How is it that Lauren who is the main starlet is now support cast for everyone else? I find Whitney too boring to maintain her own show, but maybe her entourage can carry her through a season or two. Or maybe she's just been shadowed by LC and is really a camera hog. I don't think it'll last and I'll try my damnest to not watch it. And a note to Spencer, a wedding can't be "secret" if cameras are following you around you A-hole. But I guess Speidi beat LC in the war since they got their wedding and The Hills has turned into a show about Heidi and Spencer and not Lauren. Did anyone else love how MTV made Audrina tell LC and Lo that Heidi and Spencer are missing? It looked like she was really debating in her head whether or not to take the bonus check for making that statement. But in the end, needing to support her man won out.

Brody Jenner's Bromance is retarded. I can not believe how low MTV has gotten that they'll accept a competition show called Bromance. Wait, I retract that. They did have Paris Hilton's New BFF. Did anyone see the picture of Paris and her new BFF? Don't care? Got it.

This weather is crappy. Anyone else excited about The Biggest Loser Finale? You should be! Go Michelle!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

At least there wasn't snow

No snow, but man is it bitter cold! My sweet husband reorganized the garage (i.e. pushed everything to the front) so we could park our cars in it! I've never had a garage before, talk about a nice treat in the morning. Your car isn't freezing cold and there isn't anything to scrape off. So nice!

I would like to take a moment to discuss the corruptness of the Biggest Loser. What a big f-ing waste for Ed to come back only to sabotage himself for Heba. I think that if a contestant gains weight they should be immediately kicked off and replaced with a previous contestant. No questions asked. So since Ed decided to gain weight to get his wife into the finals and she couldn't lose enough weight to follow through with the plan, I voted for Ed. I voted for Ed because I really want Michelle to win. I will be so disappointed if anyone from the blue team pulls a victory. Also, I was shocked to learn that season 1 winner, Ryan, gained all of his weight back!

Off to work I go!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Please Don't Snow

It's supposed to snow. I really really hope it doesn't. I'm not ready for cold and slush and ice and yuck. Plus there is so much at work that needs to get done. Trying to open a school for February is really demanding. And time consuming and draining.

This weekend was horrible for football. TU lost, Dallas lost, Giants lost (but I'm not upset that only Dave is). So no bowl game for New Year's for me. Anyone doing anything in town for New Year's? Anyone going anywhere afford for New Year's??

I played Wii Mario Kart this weekend. I now not only want one, but I need one. I've told Dave that I want a Wii for Christmas and I'm serious. So here's hoping I get a Wii!

Have a great week and hopefully we won't wake up with snow or something worse.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Hangover

Pumpkin Pie was a success. The Turkey was a success. Everything came out great. One minor fire in the oven that was not my fault. I know you were dying for an update. A friend brought me cornbread stuffing at work since I had to eat herb stuffing on Thanksgiving. It's funny how little things like stuffing brings you back to your roots.

Work is kicking my butt. Too much going on with not enough people cooperating.

I don't think its a good sign that I'm already tired of the cold weather. I seriously want my house checked for drafts because it is freaking cold when I get up in the morning.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Prep

I baked a pumpkin pie last night. The first time (several years ago?) I baked a pumpkin pie, I didn't put in cinnamon, apparently that is an important ingredient in trying to make a good tasting pumpkin pie. This year, I made a batch and put in all the proper ingredients. I even tasted it prior to baking. I split my batch into two pie shells and plopped them in the oven. About 30 minutes into it I realized that pumpkin pies do not rise. So I had two half filled shells. So I took them out, combined them into one shell and put it back in the oven. It then took another 30 - 40 to bake (or FOREVER in Blaze's world). But it came out pretty and we'll see tomorrow if it still tastes good.

So, one pumpkin pie down. I still have to do something about this turkey...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I can see you with my right eye

So I went to get an eye exam today. Apparently my left eye is failing me. It jumped 3 points. I don't know exactly what that means other than its vision is getting worse. He showed me what my current prescription is and I might as well not even had it because everything was blurry. He asked if I was getting headaches and I said yes and he responded "make sense since both eyes are drastically different." That's not a feel good statement. So, now I have been ordered by the doc to give my eyes a rest when I get home and wear glasses. Boo on glasses. But I also don't want to be a Cyclopes so I bought the cheapest pair I could find and will only be wearing them in front of my husband.

I'm working on a HUGE project at work. HUGE. It's taking up more time than I would like to admit. I would also like to pass it off to the soon to be Project Manager, but I doubt that'll happen since taking over in the middle of project is worse than starting a HUGE project. So the question is to be or not to be the nice guy?

Oh and read Rachel's blog to find out how my weekend went. Seeing my bridesmaid dress with toile was hilarious and a disaster. I no longer feel bad about making 6 girls wear a dress they'll never wear again. Because it could've been worse. And I wish I had my camera that night.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wedding Video

So I picked up my wedding video yesterday. Dave and I watched it from beginning to end. It's super long, which of course reflects the length of my wedding day. They did about 30-45 minutes of the reception. Hilarious! I had tears running down my face watching everyone dance. You can definitely tell the difference between sober dancing which involves swaying and shoulder movement from drunk dancing which involves booty shaking and shimming. And apparently at my reception we did a lot of form a circle and one person dances in the middle. And they showed the soul train. Rachel you and I are fabulous at the grocery cart! And they showed your C-walk. Jax, apparently you and I just sing to all the songs we were dancing to, because you can hear us over the music! Bethany, they show you with your many different drinks and at one point during the Cha-cha slide you, with your red wine, tell me you don't want to spill it on me so you just start dancing on your own while everyone else is still following the directions of the song.

Oh! And G with his stupid mustache dances with Brooke and one of his dance moves is smoothing out his stache and Brooke laughing and mimicking him.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


This year, Dave and I are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner. That means I have to cook. We all saw the list of foods that I can cook. Granted I've added a few more to the list but none of them are Thanksgivingesk foods. So dear readers, friends, those of you who enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner, those of you who don't, please give me some ideas on what to do for the menu.

The obvious:
  • Turkey - any one have a wonderful way of cooking it?
  • Stuffing - stoffer's might be my go to
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

Any easy-to-do recipes and things that can be made ahead of time would be fabulous suggestions.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meet Nala

Nala is our newest puppy. She's roughly ten months old. She and Bailey get along so well and they wear each other out. Nala came in our lives because one of the students found her abandoned. It was clear the dog had been abused. She was severely under weight, had cigarette burns on her legs, her collar was so tight the skin was starting to grow around it, and she was chained so that if she stepped off the porch she would choke. She's the sweetest thing. She's learning to play which is hilarious and recently she's become protective of the house.

This is how Nala likes to sleep:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Proud Sticker Wearer

I voted. I'm proud that I voted. I even wore my patriotic outfit (white pants with a blue top). I went this morning around 8:30am. My polling place is small and normally has no line; this time however there was a small line out the door. I got to see a mother explain to her daughter how to vote for the first time and what to expect. I got to see a father/daughter who said they have voted together ever since she turned 18. I got to see my dad!

As a woman, I just want to remind all the other women that we didn't get the privilege to vote because we came to this country. We received this privilege because women before us fought for our right. And to honor those women, we have to continue to show up and vote.

So, vote, be proud and be thankful you have the right to voice your opinion.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm Back!

The past two weeks were flooded with deadlines, catastrophes, and damage control, therefore, blogging dropped down on the priority list. This weekend Dave and I went to Austin for a wedding with two other couples, Kelly and Trevor, and Rachel and Matt. Let me tell you, we've come up with an amazing business plan, mapped out Kelly's future and figured out Dave is really bad a twenty-questions. The wedding itself was beautiful. The bride and groom couldn't have looked happier and the weather was perfect for an outdoor event. The couple did a great job putting things together to make sure the guests were entertained.

Because of the amount of alcohol I consumed this weekend, I HAVE to work out. I've been really lazy about it and need to get out of that slump. I'm also replenishing my body with water and hoping my liver forgives me.

The Election is tomorrow! I'm so excited and will be home watching the poll numbers come in.

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This email was sent out about 5 minutes ago. I know I make my job sound like I'm top dog, but this time I really will be on top. Let's hope I can stay there!

Dear Team,

We are delighted to inform you that Blaze has accepted the position of Campus Director for Oklahoma Technical College! After many interviews, with highly credentialed candidates, we came to the realization that Blaze surpassed them all. Blaze is a proven performer! She started with us in Admissions nearly four years ago, and most recently has performed a remarkable job as Project Manager overseeing a number of special projects including Accreditation and compliance and OTC licensure. Blaze graduated from the University of Tulsa in 2003 earning her Bachelors in Sociology with a minor in Psychology.

We are very excited about this announcement and it is wonderful to be able to reward and promote from within our ranks whenever possible!

Please join us in extending congratulations to Blaze on her new appointment which will be effective November 3, 2008!


Teresa and Dr. K

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hell Week

My dad is an accountant and always calls the week of October 15th Hell Week because everything is due that week; Individual Tax Returns, 15th Reports, and Quarterly Reports. Just like after April 15th, he'll take a day off after October 15th because of the stress of getting everything done in time.

Well apparently it's my Hell Week too. We have an accreditation visit Wednesday and Thursday. Our Institutional Annual Report is due by Friday. We're applying for another campus and that has to go out by Friday so there is enough time for approval by the time we want to open and start classes. We're also starting a new program which has to go out by this week because we need enough time for the approval so we can start classes early next year.

So, I'm mush and I've been at work for 12 hours straight and am leaving within the hour only because I have a meeting to attend. So I need this week to go slower so I can get stuff done, but I really wish it was already over.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Talent I Never Knew I Had

Who knew I was so good at beer pong? I have to say that Dave and I were unbeatable. Three time (in a row) beer pong champs. Twice, I scored the winning shot. My dad and his parents cheered on us. That within itself was hilarious to see parents revert back to high school sports and expecting their child to excel. I think I would have actually disappointed my dad if I didn't. So funny! Oh and there was a "winner's" ribbon. We both strutted it around and several people, including Jax's mom asked why I was a winner.

In other news, my house got cleaned on Saturday. I think most people thought I was joking about my mother-in-law sending over cleaning ladies (my husband included). But she did and the house looks great. She then asked "Since you're working, do you think you can afford to have someone come in once a month to clean your house?" I think this one should go in the book Rachel.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Should I be insulted?

That my mother-in-law wants to bring her cleaning lady to my house as a gift? She keeps claiming that this would be the best gift I could receive. Mind you, I always clean my house before she comes over. Maybe I'm being too sensitive, but this is the same woman that kicked me over drapes.

Editor's note: Thanks Andrea for being my grammar/spelling check!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've checked out, you're on your own

- my liver.

So Thursday began the mini marathon drinking. The Taylor Swift/Rascal Flatts concert was great. The BOK beers may be more than I can handle.

Friday was celebration of birthdays. We went to Senior Tequila's to fill up on chips, salsa, and beer for Casey's birthday. From there we met up with Rachel at The Brook for more drinks for her birthday. This is where she mistaken some guy taking party pics as Mad Dog. Hilarious! Then we headed to Empire to meet up with more people who came in for a wedding. This is where I discovered Tracy had a jalopy as a camera. Seriously it must of been the first digital camera created. She kept hanging on to it because it had a 1" flip screen. I tried to close the bar, but when 1am rolled around, this girl bounced out.

Saturday was wedding day! I woke up, cleaned house since I had a vague memory of inviting the bar to my place between the ceremony and reception while my husband tried to rid his hangover. We then went to the wedding and reinvited everyone over. So as the boys watched football, the girls sat around the dinning room table and talked until someone (Laura) decided we needed to play drinking games. Since the only cards I have were pinnacle we played 3 man, by Tracy's rules, so it was really Trash Man. That's when things got ugly. Tracy and I were the decided 3 man, trash man for a genius record of what felt like an hour. I believe we were on the 3rd beer before we could pass along the titles. The reception was fun and Mandy got a loud, off key Kappa song sung to her. Once again we were the last people to leave the reception. Seriously, they had put up all the tables except ours.

Fun weekend, but I need to rehydrate so I can attend homecoming.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This is my 99th post. Congratulations to me for finding 99 different things to write about.
  1. Boys II Men are coming to Tulsa Saturday. This girl is excited.
  2. Rascal Flatts are coming to Tulsa tomorrow. This girl gets to go. Still excited.
  3. It's birthday weekend, so Happy Birthday Rachel and Casey.
  4. Mandy gets hitched this Saturday. I'm hoping Eric's beer will be available because that would make my weekend.
  5. The Fair is here!! This is the best and most exciting place to people watch. I can't wait to see the outfits!
  6. Work is busy. I'm in transitioning to new job duties and I can't decide if I'm excited about it or not.
  7. More weddings are coming up. I really need people to promise that next year won't be full of baby showers. Seriously, I can't afford it.
  8. My office is a disaster. I have files everywhere and not enough space to put them. I need a day of organization. You don't think my boss would mind if I took a whole day to reorganize my office do you?
  9. I'm going to a fundraiser with free wine tonight. Then a concert tomorrow, birthday celebration Friday, wedding Saturday. I may not have a liver by Sunday.

9 things for my 99th post!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I was a cool kid this weekend

Thursday, I went to an alumni event that included free beer. So free beer ended up meaning going to McNellie's to continue the drinking. Left before getting another beer which would have caused a serious headache and before 10pm.

Friday, I had my in-laws over since they saved my dinning room table from Hurricane Ike by bringing it up from Houston. So I have a real dinning room!

Saturday, I attended a Kappa wedding. As most weddings, I ended up being one of the few people left on the dance floor (I even did this at my own). So then my dance crew and I decide going to a bar such as Crawpappy's is a great idea. And it was. Except my body goes into standby mode at 1:00am and by 2:00am I need to be in bed.

On Sunday, I don't think I got up till 4:00pm. I then went grocery shopping which exhausted me out so I took another nap until 6:30pm. I went to the Kappa meeting like a good advisor and came home to watch some CSI and I went to bed by 11:00pm.

Worthless is so not cool.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Apparently Just Pissed Off

Even though I'm working my ass off, it's still getting bigger. That alone pisses me off. Do you ever feel like you're so busy that you don't think you can handle another thing, except when you look back you can't exactly remember what was keeping you so busy? I'm going through that and I hate it. I like seeing my work and knowing I'm being productive. Meetings and managing are not productive.

Oh, and this whole non-transition into fall has pissed me off too. What happened to gradual? This over cast and just spitting on you and is no fun. I want my summer back.

VMA's pissed me off. Who the hell was the turd that hosted? I don't like him. I did enjoy how Jordan Sparks stood up to him. That was fun. And Brit Brit looked good, but robotic. She played it incredibily safe (and yes, I would too if I pulled all the shit she has).

That is all.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Top 5 things you don't want to say to your boss

  1. "Things have blown up today..."
  2. "My flight has been delayed and I will have to stay in Dallas overnight."
  3. "Thank you for sending me to St. Lucia but my boyfriend lost his passport."
  4. "The conference that you sent me to Vegas for was yesterday..."
  5. "The conference that you sent me to Vegas for we didn't even sign up for..."

All of which I have had to say to my boss.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stupid Toe

I broke my toe. The one right next to the pinky toe that seems to have no purpose. It hurts. It's black and blue. It's swollen.

I also feel like a turd hobbling around, but it really hurts.

I broke it taking a step up and it got caught and snapped. It really hurts.

Stupid toe.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Writer's Block?

I think I have writer's block. I've been reading everyone else's blog, but can't think of what to write on my own. So I figured I would just start tapping away at the keyboard and see where it takes me.

Work - one of my co-workers who I used to really enjoy before she quit and I basically got her job is now back. While I still like her as a person, I'm a bit defensive about my job, since she's been through it and all. It also feels a bit 3rd graderish since every time I see her she seems to bring up whatever convo, email, etc she's had with my boss even though she's working under someone else. But I know deep down she's just trying to impress everyone and get back into good graces from the way she left. I'm just being a bit territorial. I'll get over it. I have no reason to worry about my job, my boss called me "invaluable" the other day.

Marriage - its good. Still adjusting to living with each other. I feel bad for saying that. Everyone makes you feel so guilty when I don't reply "Oh my god, I love it! I can't believe I lived this long without living with him!" If you know me, you know I'm an only child with strong opinions. So we're not going to be perfect, especially at the beginning. We're going to adjust to each other's habits and figure out what works for us. Does that mean we're not happy? No, it just means I haven't ever had to share my room with anyone and now I'm forced to, with a boy no less. But it's good.

Life - I'm getting bored. I'm ready for something different. I'm so glad the Olympics are ending. I fully enjoyed them, every minute of them, but it was getting addictive to a bad point. I wouldn't want to do anything but stare at these amazing athletes. If I see that damn commercial about the runner pulling his hammy and he and his dad cross the finish line again I'm gonna scream. I cry every damn time! Also, I was ecstatic for Shawn Johnson and Nastia Luikin for their triumph over China. And our beach volleyball team of May-Treanor and Walsh. Dream team. Anyways, now I can leave the house and not worry about gold medals. It's actually a big relief.

I think I deserve a happy hour for overcoming my writer's block and posting a blog.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Twilight Zone

Ever had one of those weeks that absolutely sucks? One thing after another keeps blowing up in your face and you wonder how you've been living in a different universe then your co-workers, because now they're acting like all the meetings and discussions you've had together were non existent and giving you the complete opposite answers they gave you initially? Or, what you initially talked about just didn't "register" like I was talking Jul'hoan and just clicking my tongue as if they were words everyone should understand. That is my week and I'm ready for it to be over. I would like to start fresh with a Saturday. Now please.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hair & Olympics

I cut my hair. I love it. And I have side bangs. I will eventually post a pic. One blog will just be pics that I promise to post. Drapes, hair, etc.

Other than being obsessed with the Olympics, I have nothing going on. Michael Phelps won his 7th gold medal and the men's gymnastic team came out of nowhere and won bronze. Go USA!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shipping Rod

Little known fact - if you buy a new washer and install it yourself, remove the "shipping rod." Otherwise your washer makes a horrible noise and you think it broke while it was transported two miles.

We finally called GE to repair the washer when the guy asked me if the shipping rod had been removed. You would think something with a big yellow tag saying "Remove before use" would jump out at you. You would be wrong.

Monday, August 4, 2008


My new favorite food are craisins. I'm in love with them and their yummy taste. Tart and sweet, a very good mixture.

The infamous drapes have been removed and replaced with lovely chocolate brown and light brown stripped drapes. They look way better than what I just described. I'll take a picture and post later on.

This past Sunday Dave and I went shopping and spent almost $300.00 without any money coming out of our pockets! This is why people get married. To spend money that people give them and to return gifts to spend that money. I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just call me Chef Blaze

I grew up in a family where the men cook. Both my grandfathers cooked and my dad cooked. Somewhere along the line, my father got tired of cooking and we all just ate fast food. I then ventured into the realm of "out of the box" cooking. And sometimes that didn't even fare well; like when I would put the topping packet in instead of the sauce packet. Past roommates have known that if didn't come all in a box, I didn't make it.

Well, since marriage I have started to really cook. Going into the marriage, I thought I would make a couple of feeble attempts at cooking and then Dave would take it over. It turns out that I actually like cooking. This baffles me!

So to brag on my accomplishments I'm going to list what I've made. So far, things have turned out edible!
  • Enchiladas
  • Pizza (I cheat and buy the dough already cooked and made)
  • Pork chops (We had those yesterday, not too bad)
  • Asparagus
  • Humus
  • Tacos

That's all I can think of for now. It's not a long list, but I'm pretty damn proud of it!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend I had two dogs. Bullock the unloved boxer, and of course Bailey. I got Bullock Saturday morning and dropped him off at my house so I could go to the pool. The pool was so necessary this weekend. The weather was hot enough to really enjoy being in the water and the beer tasted great. That was until the deaf security pool guard told us that we're not supposed to have drinks by the pool. We did read the pool rules and there was nothing about not having drinks near the water. It did say no glass, but we were drinking out of cans. It was determined she was just on a power trip and wanted to prove herself.

Had a bit too much beer and sun and needed a nap except that I had to get ready for a wedding that night. The nap won and I made it to the reception along with everyone else. The reception was fun with the girls. Dave was in Vegas this weekend so the dogs and I stayed the night with Rachel and Matt. The dogs really wanted to have a sleep over with Bleu and Lola.

Sunday was a lazy day. I didn't leave Matt and Rachel's until about noon. And then laid around and got caught up on my DVR and did loads of laundry.

Not the most exciting weekend, but I got to pool and a reception with free alcohol.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm It!

Jackie tagged me so...

Six quirky things about me:
  1. I read all forwards, but most of them that you're supposed to fill out, I fill out then delete rather than send. Mainly because I change all the questions around and fill in my own answer. Then when I'm done, I think that wasn't fun and hit delete. It basically happens every time.
  2. I'm allergic to the cold. If I get too cold, I break out in hives. It starts on the knees and elbows and works its way out.
  3. I sing to my dog. I sing songs and switch out words with her name. She really enjoys it.
  4. I can rewatch any television show (mostly reality tv) that I enjoy. It doesn't matter if I've seen the whole season and know who wins. I'll rewatch it and still enjoy it.
  5. I hate bugs. I'm so scared of them, especially if they fly or jump. My hell would be in a room surrounded by bugs that flew or jumped. I truly believe they are my biggest fear.
  6. I can't stand using any hanger than a white plastic one. They all match and it makes me a happier person because of it.

I tag...




...and yes, you have to.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Reveal

Remember the before? Well, here it is! The newly painted-but not really decorated bathroom. I know some of the pictures look awfully pink, but it's more beige and taupe which neutralized the pink and green tiles.

Thank you for all of your suggestions. They were so helpful. Now I just need to figure out what pictures to put on two walls.

We ended up taking down the shower door, frame and all. The shower curtain hides the tub and the pink tiles so it was a huge help. We replaced the knobs, hinges, and door knob which updated the entire bathroom. While pink tiles and green fixtures would not be what I would have picked out, I hope it looks on purpose and not just what we had. Hopefully when I we get some pictures up it'll tie the whole thing together.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I promise to never take my AC for granted

I have AC!! Thank you to the wonderful AC man who figured out that we had multiple problems and fixed them.

Work is busy but going super well today. Disaster last week is now smoothed over and everything is hunky dory!

Oh! Remember Denise Richards she's gone. Her last day was yesterday. But she's now dating the CEO's husband's brother. She was still married as of yesterday. He was living with his girlfriend and her son. I have no updates on if the marriage is over and if he has moved out of the girlfriend's place. I guess we'll just have to make up our own version. My superpowers still work. I believe I like everybody I work with for now...but they better not cross me!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Update

  • Still no A/C. Hasn't been too bad because of the rain, but seriously, I need A/C. Even if I don't use it, I want to know I can. The repair people should be coming between 11 and 2 tomorrow.
  • I got a Washer and Dryer!! My dad got it for us on Saturday!

Things I learned from getting my new washer and dryer.

  1. If you buy an electrical dryer, you must also buy a plug for it and a dryer tube to lead to the outside exhaust.
  2. You must install your dryer plug-in. Easy to do, but I had to install, un-install about 5 times for various reasons.
  3. If you buy an electric dryer make sure your plug is not for a range stove. Because mine was. Which according to Home Depot people is a fire hazard. Oh and your "dryer plug-in" will not fit into a "range plug." That created a lot of curse words until we found it we didn't do anything wrong. The previous home owner did.
  4. Dave and I installed an actual dryer plug. There was some moaning, bitching, and cursing, but nobody got hurt. We did turn off all breakers in the house to perform this task. We weren't actually sure which breaker was the dryer even though the Home Depot man told us which one to look for.
  5. Do not transport your Washer on its side. The warning on the box is real. Ours makes a ridiculous loud noise and we must call a repair man to fix it. But it works and I don't care about the noise as long as my clothes get washed. And its under warranty so whatever.

I got a massage on Saturday. Actually, Dave, Matt, Rachel, and I all did. But not in the same room. I think I'm in love my massage therapist. I would like to bring her home and have her rub my back all day long. Sigh. I need another massage. Go to Aquarian Age on Cherry Street. Ask for Stephanie. She's tiny but has a lot of muscle behind her. Love her.

I got a lot done this weekend. The bathroom is almost done. I've honestly been working on it, but just in little pieces so its taking me forever to get it done!!

Oh and I think my dog is depressed. She has been down all day Sunday since we left Matt and Rachel's house (we borrowed their A/C over the weekend). She wouldn't even come to the door to greet me or say goodbye. She also spent several hours in a room by herself. So unlike her. I have a feeling Dave and I are going to need to get another dog so Bailey has a friend. That or put her on puppy prozac.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

In no particular order...

The A/C went out. I'm blaming the alien attack from last night.

Also, I'm only using the blackberry phone. So if you don't have that number let me know.

And Banana Republic is having a sale. I'm going after work. Anyone want to join me? I hear White House Black Market is also having a sale.

Oh and I killed two mutated crickets last night. See Rachel I can be your island buddy and kill bugs. I just won't pick them up afterwards. Also, flea spray kills mutated crickets in case you need to know.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I didn't believe in Alien Invasion until last night

Dave and I got to bed around 11pm since I decided I needed to talk to Rachel outside of Los Cabos until 10pm. I hadn't seen her all weekend and things always go crazy when we don't see each other. This time sh*t actually happened to her. So around 11pm, lights turned off, we're in bed, I'm facing the window and all of the sudden a huge blue-green light is flashing outside of our window. Just a bright, blue-green light that takes up well more than our window. I immediately think someone is trying to break in so they're cutting our electrical and it's going crazy. Dave jumps up and pulls up the blind to see whats going on. I on the other hand slink further down under the covers and try to hide. Dave said he didn't see anything. But he did go to the front of the house to see if he could see more. I stayed in bed.
So Dave crawls back into bed. I'm still a bit freaked, but am getting over it until it happens again! It wasn't quite as big this time. Now I'm thinking some electrical thing is trying to explode right outside of our window. I get my phone to call PSO and Dave tells me not to because he doesn't think its anything they can do.
Again, I try to sleep while being conscious of any funny smells, like smoke. Then around 1:50am(?) I wake up to Dave and I kicking the covers off and realize we have NO POWER! Again I go back to initial thought of someone trying to break in. Dave gets up checks the house and decides to sleep in the living room since it would be cooler. Then I hear a sawing sound. I'm freaked out. Seriously, in my head a serial killer has chosen my house and is going to kill me by sawing my body into bits. So I get up. I figure if I'm going to die, I might as well be brave about it. I did have my phone with me in case I could call an emergency number before he saws all of me. I get to where the noise is and its a city tree cutting company sawing my neighbors tree at 2am.
I'm guessing lighting struck it, which hit a line? So they needed to get to the line and needed the tree out of the way? Those are my thoughts. I did not go outside to see what really happened, or why they were sawing my neighbors tree. I was safe and therefore could fall back asleep. Our power came back on and at some point Dave came back to the bedroom.
So the only other logical conclusion is aliens tried to attack last night, causing the blue-green glow. But our weird lighting scared them away. It couldn't have been a transformer blowing...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fireworks & Trucker's hat equals America

The lake was super fun. We basically parked at Party Cove and chilled for most of the day on both days. The firework show was amazing. It felt like we were right beneath them. And it went on for about 15 minutes. Crazy and super fun.

We had a super fun drink. It was half apple flavored Smirnoff and half beer. Sounds gross but it was very good. We also had it with a Raspberry flavor. Yummy.
Mich also dressed himself as white trash. Thus, the trucker's hat, beer, and tats in the water. His b-day was July 4th so we made him a flag cake. There was also a balloon guy walking around before the firework shows so we had him make Mich a Trucker's hat. I think I could've done a better job.
All in all it was a great weekend. Definitely needed it. I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Today - in Haiku

I am so sleepy.
and the caffeine won't kick in
4 hours of work left.

My house is a mess
boys are coming over to eat
i just want to sleep

Grand Lake this weekend
boating, skiing, tubing, yeah!
Need rest before tomorrow

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Thank you so much for the thoughtful words about my grandmother. Death is never easy and its so nice to have support.

On another note. Thank you so much for the bathroom suggestions. I'm so excited and have a clear idea about what I want to do! I loved the suggestions and several will be incorporated into the new look. You all are awesome! I'm hoping to get the bathroom done this weekend and post pics next week. I'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'm not allowed to travel by myself again. Remember Orlando? Well, I ended up going to Vegas for a less than 24 hour trip to attend the very-important-can-not-mess-need-to-attend-workshop. On Monday, I work half a day, and begin to pack since I didn't know I would leaving until that day. I wanted to go take my mind off things and still feel like I was getting things accomplished. This is when the bad gets ugly.

Get to airport fine. Get to Las Vegas fine. Check into room. Not fine. My room isn't ready. They offer a $50 credit and say it'll be 20 minutes before the maid is out of there. So I head up to my room. I have my carry-on bag and laptop and didn't want to be hauling them around the hotel while I wait for my room. The maid is petrified that I'm walking into my room and tells me "20 minutes." That's all she says. I tell I know and that I'm dropping off my bags. She repeats, "20 minutes. " I just leave the room. It's about 11:30 central time and only 9:30 Vegas time. So, I head down to the slots and lose $40 in about 5 minutes. I thought the slots would take longer and I refused to put more in since I only received a $50 credit. By 12:00 (central time) I head up to the room and the maid is still there. So I'm wandering the halls like some sick stalker and people are wondering why I go down the hall to turn around. I head back downstairs and do a complete circle of the hotel to see everything. I then head back up to the room, its probably 12:30 by this point. She's still there! WTF are doing to the room? Seriously! GET OUT! This is Vegas, I should be living it up. But surprisingly Vegas is not fun by yourself. So eventually she leaves. But she must be new because there was still chocolate on the walls.

Next morning I get up at 4:00am Vegas time and can't sleep even though my meeting isn't until 8:00am. Finally four hours pass and I go downstairs to my workshop. Only to find out its not the workshop I was supposed to be attending. That one was yesterday.

So with knots in my stomach I call my boss and it thankfully goes to voicemail. I hate giving bad news, but I'd rather it be in the voicemail than hear the immediate reaction. So 30 minutes later she calls back and her opening line is "I got your horrible message." After brainstorming, we decide that since they print the workshop certificates ahead of time, that I just need to act like I forgot to grab mine after the workshop. Because in all actuality all I need is the certificate to I send off for my accreditation request. So I ask for it. The woman is horrid and asks too many questions. Like, "Are you sure you were there?" and "I don't remember seeing you." Yes, I was there and everyone says I'm so forgettable. Can I get the certificate now? She said she had to mail it to me.

So I get one of my coworkers who was supposed to be attending the same workshop (his room was ready however) and told him his mission this weekend is to get that certificate. He said done. I email boss and tell her that we'll get the certificate this week. I was then forced to sit through a different workshop since the President of the school (who was there on different business) thought we didn't want to "waste the business trip." Yes, sitting by the wave pool would be such a waste.

My boss calls me later that day, after I was forced to sit through the a dreadful workshop. She asks if I'm sure I can the certificate. I explain that as long as we've paid for the workshop, I'll get it. That's when it hits her that neither of us registered anybody for the workshop.

So, I got to go to Vegas and sit through an unnecessary workshop for no reason. First time in Vegas and somehow it blew.

Monday, June 23, 2008

What's pink, green, and brown all over?

This was the nasty wallpaper that I took down. Necessary right?

This is my bathroom. It has pink tiles and green fixtures. The toilet, sink, and tub all match.

Now what do I do? I have no idea what color to paint the walls. I'm also not sure about the two wooden walls that I have. I thought about staining them, but now I'm not sure.

I would appreciate any suggestions. Except for those that involve changing the tile or the green fixtures. We can not afford that and we must work around what we have. There has a to be a color combination out there that will work. Right?

What can make this less ugly? I know taking down the wall paper was huge improvement, but we can do more.

Not fun

My grandmother (mom's mom) passed away this weekend. Unexpected, but she died in her sleep and I can't think of a better way to go. Her funeral is Wednesday. This one is hitting a bit harder than my dad's mom. I'm not sure why.

George Carlin also died this weekend. He however had a heart attack in the hospital. He went in with complaints of heart pains and died that evening. He had problems with his heart before.

My vegas trip is basically cancelled, due to the funeral. I leave tonight and return tomorrow. It's sort of a waste to go. I really wanted to go. I'm sure there will be another time, when I get a completely free to trip vegas...

Boo on this past weekend.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blaze goes to Home Depot

I had to buy spackle. Surprised that I even know what spackle is? Me too. Very proud of myself for not only going, but buying, using, and ready to sand. Thank you.

So I went to Home Depot right after work (in heels). I buy the spackle kit, which contains spackle that goes from pink to white to let you know when it dries. Such a girl when I picked it up and had an inside squeal that I actually found pink spackle. So of course I got it, along with another wall patch, sand paper, a box cutter, a rubber thing to hold the sand paper so I can sand, primer, and kit for painting.

I even fixed the bad spot on my wall that needed spackling. Now it took me about 2 hours to do so, and its still slightly pink this morning, but I'm assuming it takes 24 hours to dry. And it did say to not spackle if you think its going to rain, but I assume that's for the outside. And I didn't think it was going rain. Which by the way, I'm sick of. Why is it stuck on continually raining on us? If I was still a lifeguard I would pissed off, since 1) I wouldn't be getting any sun and 2) I wouldn't be getting paid. In that order.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Super Human Power

I can get people fired just by blogging about them. Remember when I featured The Rock? Then he got fired the next week? I also featured two women from my work. Denise Richards and Elizabeth Berkley. Elizabeth Berkley is no longer here. I think I'm going to begin blogging about people I wish would no longer work here so I can put my new power to good use.

Who shall I start with? If you have any suggestions we can see if this super human power works at other places than my work.

These made me laugh

The boys are obviously excited about Jackie taking their picture.

The boys practicing their stance. I would like to think this was for when they were suppose to stand after communion, when in reality, they went and sat down. Making for a comical piece in the ceremony.

I'm not exactly sure what is going on here, but we're all very confused. I love the look on Kelly and Melissa's faces! (They're on the far left looking at each other).

I feel this one is so cheesy and looks like a cheerleading pose. Except Jessica didn't get the motion right.

This one made me laugh, not because its a funny picture but because of the memory. The boys didn't exactly know the words, so Morgan had his cell phone held out with all the words on it. Very romantic let me tell ya.

I have no idea what's going on, other than Bethany looks terrified of the camera. I'm going to assume this was after she was rolling on hotel lobby floor.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Perfect Pageant Color

Because "pool blue" is apparently what's in at the pageant world. See my pretty bridal party...

See two bridesmaids with pageant people....

The wedding ceremony was magical. It was so great. I wasn't sure how it would work out with two priests, but it flowed nicely for the most part and was very personal. The reception couldn't have been better. We danced the entire night. And if my feet could've handled it we would've made it till midnight. Thanks to everyone for their love and support!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have an Announcement...

I'm getting DVR again on Monday! Along with internet! This girl is sooo excited!!

I've lived without both since September. I'm so excited I could dance a jig.

Also the A/C man is coming on Friday. I will let you know what the issue is, I still think its connected to the pilot light the boys turned off.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm a Home Owner!!

The closing went very smoothly. It took maybe an hour. We moved Saturday and that went surprisingly smooth. There are no pictures of the moving because I was helping. However, I will upload pics of the house soon. Just not today. I love the house, I love living in the house, and every things peachy-keen right now! Except we don't have A/C. But we have a home warranty and we'll call them to come out and fix it. I think it has something to do with the fact that the boys turned off the pilot light, because we don't have gas. But, I'm just a girl and I don't know what I'm talking about. I'll let you know what the issue was when they come out and look at the A/C.

We're hoping to get the hot tub filled up this week. We did a lot of unpacking with the help of wonderful friends. The only room left to unpack is the dreaded office. I'll be sure to take a picture of it tonight so you can so how many boxes we just threw in there to not look at.

Oh, last night I unpacked frames and put them around the house. They don't have pictures in them, but they surprisingly make the place more homey. We'll get pictures soon enough to fill them all, but this is my warning so you don't make fun of me when you come over and see that my picture frames have fake photos of people I don't know in them.

Happy Monday!

And on the seating chart, one version I just numbered people 1 - 18 to see where everyone would end up. Hilarious.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I'm working on seating charts. I don't want any comment on how I don't need them. I do--according to my mother-in-law. So, now all I really want to do is put people together that I know will erupt conversations. Such as the divorced aunt and uncle, or the extreme republican with the extreme democrat. Hmm...this is why my to do list isn't shrinking. I spend too much thinking about my entertainment.

We close on the house tomorrow. At 2pm. Good thoughts at that time please.

I was put in charge of calling the companies to get things switched into our names. I've done 2 of the 4 online. We'll see if it works. I'm going to do the cable that way too and then just pass the water back onto him to call. It's like calling for pizza, I'd rather just do it online than have to talk to someone about because inevitably I'll just become pissed off and not want it.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Working Scandals

Background: Denise Richards is the name I'm giving one of our instructors. She's cute, she's flirty, and she's scandalous. Elizabeth Berkley is the other instructor (coincidentally they share an office, but that has nothing to do with the story). Not because she looks like her, but because she's a wanna be Denise Richards.

On this week's drama of the work place: Several co-workers met up at Los Cabos on Riverwalk to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Three of us got there right after work and immediately dove into the margaritas and chips and salsa. We all assumed that two more were coming. About 2 1/2 hours later they show up. It's about 8pm at this point and I had forgotten they were even coming. They showed up in their cute little guy hunting outfits, hair curled, make-up done, and on the prowl. They quickly walk by our table to go meet some random guy. All three come back and sit down with us. And one of them, Elizabeth Berkley, brought her date. They were very into each other and didn't say a word to the rest of us. And when a near by table opened up, they quickly moved and sat there by themselves. I didn't mean to, but I did blurt out "Oh, I guess we were intruding on your date."

Slight problem, both women are married! When did it become appropriate to have an open affair in front of your co-workers? Another thing, her husband is a student at our school!!! Denise's "boyfriend" showed up after I left. However, I beleive Denise is also sleeping with another employee. But that's a theory for another day.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My life is a to do list.

Seriously. I'm exhausted. I'm working 10 - 12 hours a day and everytime I come home and relook at my wedding to do list I think of another damn thing to put down. Mind you out of the 27 items (which most have subitems) I haven't completed any. Including number 1 which is tanning. *sigh*

Working at the same place as my soon to be husband is fine. I barely see him. However, he is one of the reasons I'm working so late. He leaves at 4:30 to go to his second job and I stay late so I can work on his curriculum and next day activities, quizzes, etc. It's so bizarre. I refuse to see him fail. It doesn't matter what I have to do, but I really feel like I have some ownership in this company and since I recommended him for the job I can't see him fail. Weird. I'm trying so hard to not control things and just help him prepare for the next day. It's hard to not go "so did they like the in class activity I came up with?" Not my class, I have to tell myself that over and over again.

Moving on.

I'm moving. Soon. I haven't packed anything because I 'feel' like I'm packed since I have stuff in storage. Shockly, I have tons of stuff including wedding gifts at my current residence that I haven't touched to pack.

To much to do and too lazy to get started.

Friday, April 18, 2008


The Rock got let go this week. We'll miss him dearly.

In other news, Dave was hired as the new instructor. Random.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Rock Says...

There will be a new weekly addition of "The Rock Says." I feel its important enough for everyone else to know the idiotic things that I have to hear from him.

Rock: "Is this game speed?" - Said during step class yesterday. I might be the retard here, but I don't recall step being a sport.

Unfamiliar with the rock? click here to be updated.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My pants no longer fit

So about a month ago I had an episode. I was walking into work, late of course, with my hands full. I had my work out bag, my purse, my lunch, and my drink. I turn the corner into a hallway that has an entry door to a hallway which has another door to the same hallway. I enter the first door, trip on my pants, fall face first. Shoes fly off and of course I have no arms to stop myself since I have them full of crap. It looked like a scene from a movie. My arms are flailing, shoes fly off and one is actually propping open the door behind. Thankfully no one saw me.

Today wearing same pants and shoes...

I get up to run some errands on my lunch hour. My hands are full of crap that I need to return. I see a coworker in the hallway outside of my office and we're making small talk. I'm still walking away until I trip on my pants and fall face first. I can't catch myself because my foot is tangled up in my pants and my arms are full. I hit the ground and everything goes flying. My shoe is still stuck in my pants and other coworkers come out of their office to see what the commotion is about.

I couldn't stop laughing.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Updates

Bacheloretteness happened this weekend. For the full story please go here. I would have to say in my non bias opinion that my party had they best looking girls. No random matching t-shirts that down graded the cuteness of everyone. So much fun and so many panties!

The following day I played softball. It only felt like a mistake this morning. I'm so sore. I believe its a combination of dancing the night away then pretending that I can actually play softball. I did get two hits! 1 single and 1 double! I know! Now I just need to learn how to play outfield where I can estimate the depth of the ball so I can catch it. Maybe Dave and I will play catch this week so I can get more practice. Softball was fun! Mainly because it was at my playing level and I wasn't the best or worst player.

Before the bachelorette party I had pre-cana. For those that don't know what it is, its a pre-wedding class for catholics. We talked about sex for 7.5 hours. Next week we get to talk about communication, finances, etc. I still believe it was appropriate to have pre-cana prior to this bachelorette party, like it was appropriate that I went to STL for that bachelorette party the weekend before I was confirmed.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

So obnoxious I had to blog about it

So I work with this guy who is a complete douche bag.
  1. He always refers to how he's training for baseball. Apparently he played in college (junior college) like 12 years ago before he tore his knee. But I guess playing on a men's summer league is "training for baseball."
  2. He states how fast he can pitch a ball. He no longer plays baseball, therefore, even though he says he's training, I doubt he's training like professional baseball players. He still says he throws 90 miles/hr fast ball. I doubt it.
  3. We are having a friendly intramural volleyball & wiffle ball match between both campuses. Today he says "how hard do you want to win?" I reply "what?" Which he replies "cause I could break some noses with my spike." What? You're an instructor at a vocational school who no longer plays college baseball! Then he says "I've done it before. I've broken somebody's Oakley's off their face." Stop talking.

I have given him the nickname the rock. Because I truly believe he's as dumb as one.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

15 minutes of Fame

What's that saying? Everyone gets 15 minutes of fame? Well mine is here. My picture that has been on the side of the cosmetology school (for a year now) has moved to the side of the busy highway. So if you are on this busy highway passing the Sheridan exit you will see me staring at you.

In other news I went to the first round championship of the CBI tournament. TU won!! Barely but they did it. Now we just have to win again at Bradley and we'll win the first ever CBI tournament. I'm sure we'll have a banner hanging in the arena after the win.

Shower/Bachelorette party this weekend. My fear of people not coming is vanishing as people are RSVPing. I think it goes back to like 5th grade when you have a birthday party and you wonder if people are actually going to show up or if you'll be the lonely birthday girl with no one at your party. Thankfully I'll be cool enough to be with friends.

Invites went out yesterday. Go me!

Finished the baby blanket that I started in February for the baby that was born March 21st. Hopefully I'll get it to Melissa before her baby is one.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Said Drapes

True story.

Dave and I decided to start looking for a house to buy. We found the perfect house for us in our price range with a brand new kitchen and hot tub. Because Dave and I found this house on our own we wanted others opinion to make sure we weren't blindly falling in love with something. So we called Dave's mom who was out house hunting for us (back story: soon to be mother in law who is sometimes overly involved). She stopped by the house on her own and then called her neighbors/realtor friends/people I dog sit for (all one family). They happen to be in the area and looked at the house.

We all came together that night at the neighbors' house and discussed what we should do. We agreed we must put an offer on the house that night as it might be gone in the morning. So we started drawing up the contract. That is when my Mother In Law got in her head that the drapes were an important negotiating tool since the seller mentioned she wanted to take her drapes. MIL wouldn't drop the drapes. Even after I said I don't recall the drapes, I'm not taking this woman's drapes just to take them. She kept insisting that I would want them and therefore needed to have them in the contract.

Since the sellers opted for sale by owner, Dave and I had to negotiate the offer face to face. Scary! So we arrived with our entourage, MIL, FIL, neighbors and Dave and I. MIL and female seller are making small talk. Dave is in the kitchen with male seller. I'm at the dining room table when all the sudden female seller asks me from across the room "You want my drapes?" Both MIL and female seller come to the kitchen table. I haven't responded. So she asks me again, "You want my drapes? I like my drapes, but if its going to cost us the sell of the house you of course can have the drapes. Do you want the drapes?"
**I then got kicked underneath the table from my MIL!!**
What just happened here? Why did I get kicked from MIL when she was not involved and the woman just finished her sentence?? It took everything in me to not kick her back. Instead I opted for the "MIL, I appreciate you support, but this is something that Dave and I need to negotiate together." Thankfully at that point, Dave and male seller came in and we actually started negotiating.

Of course we came to an agreement on the house. I also told the woman that the drapes will go in the contract, but if we decide we don't need them, we'll give them back to her.

Inspections Tuesday. Cross fingers that all goes well!!

Oh and if you hear Rachel tell the story, I kicked her back.
You can see said drapes in previous post, they're the ones in the front living room.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Back from the lou and had sooo much fun. Will post those pictures later since I'm fighting with the old camera since I broke the brand new one. You know this one.

In other news, Dave and I bought a house! Well we're in contract for one. We have inspections next week so as long as all goes well we'll own a new home in May. So to keep you entertained here are pics of hopefully my new house.

Front Living room:
There is a story about these red drapes. I will post at another time. It involves, mother-in-law and kicking. Very entertaining.

Great room:
It is huge! 18' x 36'. It will be sometime before Dave and I can fill it up with furniture.


Front Bathroom:
True midtown home with pink and green tiles. The tub and toilet are green too!

These pictures were taken with the new broken camera. I was able to get them transferred to the computer. I'll post STL pics soon!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Today is not the day

I'm not in the mood today to put up with anyone's bullshit. Not the receptionist at my work. Not the weather report that calls for more f*cking snow. Not for the damn students outside of my office talking in baby talk. Not with Dave who keeps showing me pictures of houses but we have to walk in them. Not with the invitations that have yet to be ordered. Not with meetings I don't need to involved in.

Today is not the day to push any buttons. The fuse is short. I'm ready to blow and I don't give a shit.

So f*ck you weather for not being Spring.
F*ck you receptionist who called for my help "on a special project" but refusing to give me details. You deserve another F*CK YOU!
F*ck this mood because other than just tired of being cold all-the-damn-time, I have no reason to be in it.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I kick ass

Two approvals in two days. I'm awesomely amazing. And my boss appreciates it.

Go me.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Things I've Learned this Weekend

Had the official "bridal" bridal shower. Things went fairly smoothly. Food, present, and well wishes. I couldn't have asked for more. It was fun and fabulous. I can handle small talk with people I don't know. It's especially easy when they're showing up to support you or your future husband.

Pitch is not, I repeat, is not like Spades. I do not take Dave's instructions very well. In fact, I found them quite offensive. I'll work on that for our future, but for now, Pitch is not like Spades. Hmph.

I'm trying to make a baby blanket. I've started one particular section 3 or 4 times. It may not be done by this Saturday. I won't admit to myself that it'll be impossible to do because I'm trying to prove my mother wrong. Weird at 26 that I'm still doing things just because she says not to.

Rachel and I have some how gotten two different emails going to each other at the same time containing entirely different conversations. We're pretty talented.

I'm ready for March. I'm ready for Spring. I think I've been VERY patient. I'm done. I want my sun and warmth.

Friday, February 22, 2008


  1. I've started taking step classes. It's been one week as of yesterday and I consider myself a pro. I might start teaching the class.
  2. I have a grown up bridal shower tomorrow. I call it this because it is Dave's mom's friends and some of my family. The only friends of mine attending are the bridal party which is required to attend (? I guess, I didn't force them but they all said they were coming).
  3. I'm trying to resist the urge to completely chop off my hair. I think I have this urge because I'm growing it out for the wedding. I can't do extension because B. Spears has ruined that look for anyone.
  4. I have so much stuff to do and I can't force myself to do it. I don't know what's wrong with me. I think I'm actually becoming a bride because I'm freaking out about the invitations (mainly because, they're not ordered and we can't find envelopes). Sounds cheesy but its true. People may get an evite.
  5. A friend is doing the cake, but I think I'm still going to look at bakeries, just in case they don't come through. Although I saw these awesome sugar cookies, decorated as wedding cake. Can I get away with that?
Off to step class!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Brit Brit

Dear Britney,

Are you trying to start a new trend? Psychotherapy as the new rehab? It isn't catching on and frankly making you look like a crazy whore. You checking in and out medical hospitals to receive treatment does not make it look like you're stable.

In case you didn't notice, "doing it for the kids" is not the best slogan to use when checking yourself into a psych ward. Try things like "Not quite a woman, not yet sane" or "Oops I have MPS"

Also, on the note of your manager drugging you. I call bullshit. I'm calling you out because I doubt anyone twisted your little arm to make you swallow any said pill.

One those notes, go back to the psych ward. Stay for more than 4 days and make it at least "appear" that you're trying.

Ding Dang.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I voted and got the sticker

Just in case people were wondering, Oklahoma's "I voted" stickers are not the same as those in other places. How do I know? I saw them in Florida and they are much larger. Does the size of your sticker indicate the value of your state? Probably.

Back from Orlando. Had a wonderful time. No pics, sorry. Had horrible traveling experiences. On the way to Orlando my flight in Tulsa was delayed 3 hours which of course made me miss the connect to Orlando. Here's our conversation:

Ticket counter lady: "yep, you missed it. Here's your voucher to a hotel. We got you a distressed passenger discount. Call the shuttle they'll come pick you. Thank you."
Me: There are no other flights?


Me: No one is leaving after 8:30, not even on another airline?

TCL: Would you like you're hotel voucher?

Me: You're not going to look?

TCL: No.

So I got to spend the night in dallas.

On the way back to Tulsa, our flight in Dallas got cancelled. What?! So instead of the 12:40 flight they wanted to put us on the 7:50 flight. Eff that. Thank god I was with my boss who got a Southwest flight.

However, we had major baggage issues. So I didn't get my bag till the next day. Conversation with baggage service lady:

BSL: Here's the 1-800 number
Me: For what?
BSL: To file your claim
Me: Don't you do that?
BSL: I'm suppose to. But for you I'm not going to.
Me: But why?
BSL: Because today is my 12th anniversary with this airline and I've earned the right to not file one effing claim. Got it!
Me: So you're not going to file my claim, but make me call a call center when you could just easily do it with the computer in front of you?
BSL: Next!

I got my bag the next day.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Update

I'm so excited!! I get to go to Orlando this week for a conference. I don't really see the point in conferences because my company is far ahead of the game, but it's in Orlando and I'm not turning down this trip!!

Very uneventful weekend. I think I got a case of the crappiness. I was super cranky this weekend. I'm not sure if I'm PMSing or just in a short funk. I'm out of it and ready to take on the world! I have my advisor meeting tonight and then I must pack for Orlando because I leave tomorrow.

The one thing I did do this weekend was go to the movies with Dave last night. I hate going to movies. I think it’s because of it being a public place where everyone is suppose to be attentively paying attention to the big screen, only there's always someone who's not. Like the people sitting in front of me last night who were texting on their cell phones. There was no noise, just a glare in the lower part of my eye every time they flipped open their cell phones. Were they texting each other? Was what they were talking about so important that it couldn't wait until after the 2 hour movie? I mean if you have that much going on in your life maybe National Treasure should take a backseat. Really.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday morning should not feel like Monday choas

My morning:

6:15am - my father wakes me up from a deep dead sleep to give me my cell phone because apparently the alarm had been going off.
6:16am - I convince myself that if I lay down for 5 minutes I will wake up and that my back up plan is the 2nd alarm that is set for 6:45am
7:30am - wake up from deep dead sleep again, this time by trash men outside. I'm thinking its weird they are at my house so early until I look at my phone which says it's really 7:30.
I then try to get up in a hurry but feel like I'm drunk from sleep. I believe I ran into the same wall at least 3 times.
7:55am - driving to work when I realize I have my contacts switched. At a stop light I take out one contact only to realize I only put one in. I put contact into the worst seeing eye (even though its not the correct one) and look down at my lap like my other contact would magically be sitting there.
8:15am - get to work, still groggy, can't really see, and worried I will pulled in for a drug test because I still can't walk without running into walls.

From there I try to work. Nothing got accomplished and I'm exhausted. So I decide to turn out my light, crawl underneath my desk (I have window where you can see into my office so I didn't want anyone to see me) and closed my eyes while breathing in the positive and breathing out the negative. I told you I was weird. After what felt like 3 minutes which I'm sure was 10 minutes I crawled back out, turned on my light, and tried to work. I then immediately decided I needed to take my lunch even though it's only 11:30 and go to Sonic. I ended up going to Wendy's because it closer.

On a totally different note (which is hopefully more positive)

I heard this question yesterday so I'm posing it to you.

What was your favorite thing about yesterday.
Mine - my 15 minute work out class at work. There were probably about 8 women, we worked out our arms and laughed at ourselves. Lots of fun.

Update on wedding stuff: Honeymoon is booked! We're going to Monetgo Bay, Jamaica!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why I believe I'm weird

1. I'm paranoid about going to an actual stylist to get my hair cut.
It's stupid and silly, I know. But I can get away with paying $35 for a cut and color and feel fine. But apparently when you are about to walk down the aisle, you need a "professional" to do your hair. Therefore, I'll be spending a car payment on a trial run. Slow deep breaths, slow deep breaths.

2. I can rewatch just about any television show a hundred times, but can't stand going to the movies.
I know how CSI will end or who gets kicked off of Project Runway, ANTM, or even Tila Tequila. But ask me what movies are out or the last time I saw one and I couldn't tell you. I blame it on the fact that I truly believe I should have my own show.

3. I'm scared of being judge at the gym.
I feel like ever time I got to the gym people are 1) wondering why I don't know how to work a stupid machine 2) don't believe I should be there because I'm "skinny" 3) are scared I'm going to die of a heart attack when I try running on the treadmill or bike because of the pain that's on my face

4. I can't remember outfits.
I'm almost positive that I've worn the same outfit to work in the same week. Probably more than once. Not only can I not remember what I've worn, I only pair things with certain items. Blue sweater always goes with gray pants, so therefore if I did wear the same outfit it's the entire outfit and not just an article.

5. I hate calling the pizza place.
That is one of the worst things I can think of. I don't know why. I can call our accrediting body and ask questions, I call our state licensing and see where our approvals stand, but I can't calling the pizza place. Thank god we can order over the Internet.

I'm sure my friends can think of things that are abnormal about me. These were just a few that popped into my head!