Thursday, November 6, 2008


This year, Dave and I are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner. That means I have to cook. We all saw the list of foods that I can cook. Granted I've added a few more to the list but none of them are Thanksgivingesk foods. So dear readers, friends, those of you who enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner, those of you who don't, please give me some ideas on what to do for the menu.

The obvious:
  • Turkey - any one have a wonderful way of cooking it?
  • Stuffing - stoffer's might be my go to
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

Any easy-to-do recipes and things that can be made ahead of time would be fabulous suggestions.


♥Joy♥ said...

OMG this is my alley!

I can't possibly post this as a response in comment. You must send me your e mail addy. Or even a fake one? LOL Haha kidding.

Seriously though. Give me an e mail addy so I can send you stuff. I have great recipes and wonderful add ins and what not!

Good luck on your dinner! =D

Andrea said...

Party potatoes!! If you are interested I will send you my recipe. It's easy...from one non-cook to another.

What about the standby classic greenbean casserole? You HAVE to have that.

Sent me your email if you want the recipe for party potatoes!

THE Rachel Adams said...

I still think this is hilarious! I want to hire Duane to tape it so I can see everything...

I got mashed potatoes (real, not from a box), pumpkin pie, derby pie, yummy fruit salad, whipped cream (very impressive and super easy and can make ahead)

blaze said...

Rachel-I'm glad you find this funny, however I don't know how to make anything on your list except mashed potatoes so unless you're going to give me recipes or better yet make these listed items for me, I'm going to wish for you to be pregnant while you're on your Christmas cruise! It's harsh but I need help.

Anyone can email me at

Bethany said...

you can do it! I don't have many suggestions--I am not a huge fan of thanksgiving food, so I don't make it. I will send you some recipes (and a good website!)

♥Joy♥ said...

Ok so...umm...your friend with the tickets for free...well...I need to know this friend, OK? =D Kidding! Woot Woot for Dion!

Section 121! Wow! That's where I'mma be! SO you'll be really close! =D

care said...

totally forgot to respond until now! I have an excellent recipe for sweet potatoes. You can just make them ahead of time and that day put on the marshmellows and plunk 'em in the oven for a little bit. there's a link to email me on my blog if you want it.

also, stuffing is always a hit. and you just want to use the box kind for that. not sure if you can make it early or not.

Jennifer said...

I did Thanksgiving at my place for the first time last year and got all my recipes off and they all turned out wonderful. It's great because people rate the recipes so you really know which ones are good. I saved all of the ones i used last year so let me know if you want them.