Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Proud Sticker Wearer

I voted. I'm proud that I voted. I even wore my patriotic outfit (white pants with a blue top). I went this morning around 8:30am. My polling place is small and normally has no line; this time however there was a small line out the door. I got to see a mother explain to her daughter how to vote for the first time and what to expect. I got to see a father/daughter who said they have voted together ever since she turned 18. I got to see my dad!

As a woman, I just want to remind all the other women that we didn't get the privilege to vote because we came to this country. We received this privilege because women before us fought for our right. And to honor those women, we have to continue to show up and vote.

So, vote, be proud and be thankful you have the right to voice your opinion.

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Andrea said...

Haha, I also wore a patriotic outfit!!

The voting process is also very moving to me, I am never more proud to be an American than when I get to cast my vote: WE MATTER.