Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wedding Video

So I picked up my wedding video yesterday. Dave and I watched it from beginning to end. It's super long, which of course reflects the length of my wedding day. They did about 30-45 minutes of the reception. Hilarious! I had tears running down my face watching everyone dance. You can definitely tell the difference between sober dancing which involves swaying and shoulder movement from drunk dancing which involves booty shaking and shimming. And apparently at my reception we did a lot of form a circle and one person dances in the middle. And they showed the soul train. Rachel you and I are fabulous at the grocery cart! And they showed your C-walk. Jax, apparently you and I just sing to all the songs we were dancing to, because you can hear us over the music! Bethany, they show you with your many different drinks and at one point during the Cha-cha slide you, with your red wine, tell me you don't want to spill it on me so you just start dancing on your own while everyone else is still following the directions of the song.

Oh! And G with his stupid mustache dances with Brooke and one of his dance moves is smoothing out his stache and Brooke laughing and mimicking him.


♥Joy♥ said...

Ahem so upload to youtube and post? LOL Would love to hear you & Jax belt out in song! =D I'm so glad that you were able to watch such a wonderful day and be reminded of how happy and silly and goofy you all were! =D Yay for Blaze getting "merrrrrried"!

Bethany said...

did they show me with my coffee??? That is when the night got exciting! I love wedding videos.