Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I can see you with my right eye

So I went to get an eye exam today. Apparently my left eye is failing me. It jumped 3 points. I don't know exactly what that means other than its vision is getting worse. He showed me what my current prescription is and I might as well not even had it because everything was blurry. He asked if I was getting headaches and I said yes and he responded "make sense since both eyes are drastically different." That's not a feel good statement. So, now I have been ordered by the doc to give my eyes a rest when I get home and wear glasses. Boo on glasses. But I also don't want to be a Cyclopes so I bought the cheapest pair I could find and will only be wearing them in front of my husband.

I'm working on a HUGE project at work. HUGE. It's taking up more time than I would like to admit. I would also like to pass it off to the soon to be Project Manager, but I doubt that'll happen since taking over in the middle of project is worse than starting a HUGE project. So the question is to be or not to be the nice guy?

Oh and read Rachel's blog to find out how my weekend went. Seeing my bridesmaid dress with toile was hilarious and a disaster. I no longer feel bad about making 6 girls wear a dress they'll never wear again. Because it could've been worse. And I wish I had my camera that night.

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Andrea said...

Glad you are getting that looked at.

Otherwise, we may have to start calling you Mr. Padgett. :)