Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Prep

I baked a pumpkin pie last night. The first time (several years ago?) I baked a pumpkin pie, I didn't put in cinnamon, apparently that is an important ingredient in trying to make a good tasting pumpkin pie. This year, I made a batch and put in all the proper ingredients. I even tasted it prior to baking. I split my batch into two pie shells and plopped them in the oven. About 30 minutes into it I realized that pumpkin pies do not rise. So I had two half filled shells. So I took them out, combined them into one shell and put it back in the oven. It then took another 30 - 40 to bake (or FOREVER in Blaze's world). But it came out pretty and we'll see tomorrow if it still tastes good.

So, one pumpkin pie down. I still have to do something about this turkey...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I can see you with my right eye

So I went to get an eye exam today. Apparently my left eye is failing me. It jumped 3 points. I don't know exactly what that means other than its vision is getting worse. He showed me what my current prescription is and I might as well not even had it because everything was blurry. He asked if I was getting headaches and I said yes and he responded "make sense since both eyes are drastically different." That's not a feel good statement. So, now I have been ordered by the doc to give my eyes a rest when I get home and wear glasses. Boo on glasses. But I also don't want to be a Cyclopes so I bought the cheapest pair I could find and will only be wearing them in front of my husband.

I'm working on a HUGE project at work. HUGE. It's taking up more time than I would like to admit. I would also like to pass it off to the soon to be Project Manager, but I doubt that'll happen since taking over in the middle of project is worse than starting a HUGE project. So the question is to be or not to be the nice guy?

Oh and read Rachel's blog to find out how my weekend went. Seeing my bridesmaid dress with toile was hilarious and a disaster. I no longer feel bad about making 6 girls wear a dress they'll never wear again. Because it could've been worse. And I wish I had my camera that night.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wedding Video

So I picked up my wedding video yesterday. Dave and I watched it from beginning to end. It's super long, which of course reflects the length of my wedding day. They did about 30-45 minutes of the reception. Hilarious! I had tears running down my face watching everyone dance. You can definitely tell the difference between sober dancing which involves swaying and shoulder movement from drunk dancing which involves booty shaking and shimming. And apparently at my reception we did a lot of form a circle and one person dances in the middle. And they showed the soul train. Rachel you and I are fabulous at the grocery cart! And they showed your C-walk. Jax, apparently you and I just sing to all the songs we were dancing to, because you can hear us over the music! Bethany, they show you with your many different drinks and at one point during the Cha-cha slide you, with your red wine, tell me you don't want to spill it on me so you just start dancing on your own while everyone else is still following the directions of the song.

Oh! And G with his stupid mustache dances with Brooke and one of his dance moves is smoothing out his stache and Brooke laughing and mimicking him.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


This year, Dave and I are hosting Thanksgiving Dinner. That means I have to cook. We all saw the list of foods that I can cook. Granted I've added a few more to the list but none of them are Thanksgivingesk foods. So dear readers, friends, those of you who enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner, those of you who don't, please give me some ideas on what to do for the menu.

The obvious:
  • Turkey - any one have a wonderful way of cooking it?
  • Stuffing - stoffer's might be my go to
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

Any easy-to-do recipes and things that can be made ahead of time would be fabulous suggestions.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meet Nala

Nala is our newest puppy. She's roughly ten months old. She and Bailey get along so well and they wear each other out. Nala came in our lives because one of the students found her abandoned. It was clear the dog had been abused. She was severely under weight, had cigarette burns on her legs, her collar was so tight the skin was starting to grow around it, and she was chained so that if she stepped off the porch she would choke. She's the sweetest thing. She's learning to play which is hilarious and recently she's become protective of the house.

This is how Nala likes to sleep:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Proud Sticker Wearer

I voted. I'm proud that I voted. I even wore my patriotic outfit (white pants with a blue top). I went this morning around 8:30am. My polling place is small and normally has no line; this time however there was a small line out the door. I got to see a mother explain to her daughter how to vote for the first time and what to expect. I got to see a father/daughter who said they have voted together ever since she turned 18. I got to see my dad!

As a woman, I just want to remind all the other women that we didn't get the privilege to vote because we came to this country. We received this privilege because women before us fought for our right. And to honor those women, we have to continue to show up and vote.

So, vote, be proud and be thankful you have the right to voice your opinion.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm Back!

The past two weeks were flooded with deadlines, catastrophes, and damage control, therefore, blogging dropped down on the priority list. This weekend Dave and I went to Austin for a wedding with two other couples, Kelly and Trevor, and Rachel and Matt. Let me tell you, we've come up with an amazing business plan, mapped out Kelly's future and figured out Dave is really bad a twenty-questions. The wedding itself was beautiful. The bride and groom couldn't have looked happier and the weather was perfect for an outdoor event. The couple did a great job putting things together to make sure the guests were entertained.

Because of the amount of alcohol I consumed this weekend, I HAVE to work out. I've been really lazy about it and need to get out of that slump. I'm also replenishing my body with water and hoping my liver forgives me.

The Election is tomorrow! I'm so excited and will be home watching the poll numbers come in.

Happy Monday!