Thursday, June 12, 2008

These made me laugh

The boys are obviously excited about Jackie taking their picture.

The boys practicing their stance. I would like to think this was for when they were suppose to stand after communion, when in reality, they went and sat down. Making for a comical piece in the ceremony.

I'm not exactly sure what is going on here, but we're all very confused. I love the look on Kelly and Melissa's faces! (They're on the far left looking at each other).

I feel this one is so cheesy and looks like a cheerleading pose. Except Jessica didn't get the motion right.

This one made me laugh, not because its a funny picture but because of the memory. The boys didn't exactly know the words, so Morgan had his cell phone held out with all the words on it. Very romantic let me tell ya.

I have no idea what's going on, other than Bethany looks terrified of the camera. I'm going to assume this was after she was rolling on hotel lobby floor.


Jax said...

LOL! I had Bethany pose with the spilled drink. I believe the drink was Meredith's but not 100%. Lord. Those pageant mom's had to be like "girls, NEVER act like this.." b/c they were on the elevator while I was taking that pic of Bethany before we got on...

Bethany said...

yes the drink had spilled...don't you see it?? It was not my drink, because I am pretty sure I was on water and coffee by that point! I don't remember the picture or the drink, but I know it was not my drink!!