Monday, June 23, 2008

What's pink, green, and brown all over?

This was the nasty wallpaper that I took down. Necessary right?

This is my bathroom. It has pink tiles and green fixtures. The toilet, sink, and tub all match.

Now what do I do? I have no idea what color to paint the walls. I'm also not sure about the two wooden walls that I have. I thought about staining them, but now I'm not sure.

I would appreciate any suggestions. Except for those that involve changing the tile or the green fixtures. We can not afford that and we must work around what we have. There has a to be a color combination out there that will work. Right?

What can make this less ugly? I know taking down the wall paper was huge improvement, but we can do more.


Jessie Case said...

What about a chocolate brown, and just paint the wood as least you could tie in more green with the chocolate color...just a thought.

Jax said...

I actually looked this up for people with similar issues re: bathrooms:

I saw the wood walls and thought "whoa.. that's cool.. looks kinda nautical" I dunno.. With the right paint, you might be able to make a cool, modern, nautical-type theme work. Seriously. I mean.. pull in some bamboo plants or a couple framed pics with green in them in order to make the sinks, etc look almost intentional. maybe a green and blue bath rug? The new trend is to use regular rugs for bath rugs instead anyway...Well, I have no idea...but I LOVE looking at rooms on Pottery barn:

Also, hgtv has "rate my space" where you can search other people's bathrooms from the top search bar. Just type in "green" and select "bathrooms"

Jax said...

What about this.. it has green in it and it's choco brown. :) Love it.

care said...

I vote: try and stain the wood a LIGHT color. If it works, paint the wainscotting or whatever it is a dark brown OR a dark green.

If staining the wood turns out to be a disaster (clearly only do a little to test first) paint the wall white (or offwhite, or a veryveryvery pale pink).

AND, take down that mirror and see what's behind that wall, too. And paint the trim of the mirror the same color as the wainscotting.

last but not least--so, stains come in colors, too. you could try to get a green that would compliment the rest of the green and then they'd look funky and interesting. a green and brown rug with pink flowers or some cute hand towels would tie it all in...

Jax said...

I agree with Carrie!! And ignore my long ranting post: read this:

How to re-do vintage baths in retro ways!

sasspot said...

hi blaze! my name is sarah, i'm one of jackie's friends. i have a bathroom that is pretty similar to yours; although, i have white, burgendy and a purple-grey in mine.

i recently had to make a quick decision on what color to do my floor because for some reason, it was half tile, half concrete. i decided to match the floor tile to the white tub and sink, as to not add another color!!! i just posted pics of the completed job on my blog, ...

if it were my bathroom, i would paint the wood a white or very light color to open up your space and blend it in with the wainscoting. i, of course, am no expert.

i love your mirror, it is too cool. i assume that was already there?

oh, and you know what my mom did? she took the sliding glass doors off the tub and it changed the space entirely!!!! it looks less cluttered, more open and just fresh. it is really easy to do too. she just uses a shower curtain now and says it is easier to keep clean.

sorry to bomb-bard your blog; i hope you don't mind!

llane said...

Hey Blaze! Another thought... I just saw this done on one of those HGTV shows recently... did you know there is a special paint for tile? It's basically for people who want to get rid of a bad tile color but don't have the funds to rip it all out and replace.... I don't know what the color spectrum available is, but you should check it out. Home Depot or Lowe's, I'm guessing... If you could paint all those tiles white and either white or a light sand color on the wood walls, then you'd only have the green stuff to contend with and you could totally do a beachy look... bring in lots of shells and apothecary jars filled with sand and candles... Also I like Sarah's idea of taking off the shower door. We're in a rental so we can't do that, but I did put a shower curtain OVER the door and it blocks out the ugly tub completely. OH- have you guys gotten Anthropologie in Tulsa yet? There's a FAB shower curtain there right now, it's white with ruffles at the bottom in different shades of green, including that minty color on your toilet/sink. Could tie everything in. Can't wait to see what you do! ;)

sasspot said...

oh ya, when we moved in we had a very light color of purple on the bathroom walls, above the burgendy tile. i have never changed it because it worked really well... i've always been scared to throw another colr in there. my tile is pretty dark, so i don't want to make it cave-like.

man, i could talk bathrooms all day.