Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'm not allowed to travel by myself again. Remember Orlando? Well, I ended up going to Vegas for a less than 24 hour trip to attend the very-important-can-not-mess-need-to-attend-workshop. On Monday, I work half a day, and begin to pack since I didn't know I would leaving until that day. I wanted to go take my mind off things and still feel like I was getting things accomplished. This is when the bad gets ugly.

Get to airport fine. Get to Las Vegas fine. Check into room. Not fine. My room isn't ready. They offer a $50 credit and say it'll be 20 minutes before the maid is out of there. So I head up to my room. I have my carry-on bag and laptop and didn't want to be hauling them around the hotel while I wait for my room. The maid is petrified that I'm walking into my room and tells me "20 minutes." That's all she says. I tell I know and that I'm dropping off my bags. She repeats, "20 minutes. " I just leave the room. It's about 11:30 central time and only 9:30 Vegas time. So, I head down to the slots and lose $40 in about 5 minutes. I thought the slots would take longer and I refused to put more in since I only received a $50 credit. By 12:00 (central time) I head up to the room and the maid is still there. So I'm wandering the halls like some sick stalker and people are wondering why I go down the hall to turn around. I head back downstairs and do a complete circle of the hotel to see everything. I then head back up to the room, its probably 12:30 by this point. She's still there! WTF are doing to the room? Seriously! GET OUT! This is Vegas, I should be living it up. But surprisingly Vegas is not fun by yourself. So eventually she leaves. But she must be new because there was still chocolate on the walls.

Next morning I get up at 4:00am Vegas time and can't sleep even though my meeting isn't until 8:00am. Finally four hours pass and I go downstairs to my workshop. Only to find out its not the workshop I was supposed to be attending. That one was yesterday.

So with knots in my stomach I call my boss and it thankfully goes to voicemail. I hate giving bad news, but I'd rather it be in the voicemail than hear the immediate reaction. So 30 minutes later she calls back and her opening line is "I got your horrible message." After brainstorming, we decide that since they print the workshop certificates ahead of time, that I just need to act like I forgot to grab mine after the workshop. Because in all actuality all I need is the certificate to I send off for my accreditation request. So I ask for it. The woman is horrid and asks too many questions. Like, "Are you sure you were there?" and "I don't remember seeing you." Yes, I was there and everyone says I'm so forgettable. Can I get the certificate now? She said she had to mail it to me.

So I get one of my coworkers who was supposed to be attending the same workshop (his room was ready however) and told him his mission this weekend is to get that certificate. He said done. I email boss and tell her that we'll get the certificate this week. I was then forced to sit through a different workshop since the President of the school (who was there on different business) thought we didn't want to "waste the business trip." Yes, sitting by the wave pool would be such a waste.

My boss calls me later that day, after I was forced to sit through the a dreadful workshop. She asks if I'm sure I can the certificate. I explain that as long as we've paid for the workshop, I'll get it. That's when it hits her that neither of us registered anybody for the workshop.

So, I got to go to Vegas and sit through an unnecessary workshop for no reason. First time in Vegas and somehow it blew.


Jax said...

HOLY HELL! My eyes are still wide with "WTF"-wow. Ghetto, Blaze. Gheeeettttoo.. Definitely not a Vegas trip. :(

♥Joy♥ said...

Ohh Blaze, I'm sooo sorry that happened! =( Never ever go to Vegas alone again! How horrible and there wasn't even anyone there that you could share the horror with at least!! =(

That's sooo not Vegas...