Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I voted and got the sticker

Just in case people were wondering, Oklahoma's "I voted" stickers are not the same as those in other places. How do I know? I saw them in Florida and they are much larger. Does the size of your sticker indicate the value of your state? Probably.

Back from Orlando. Had a wonderful time. No pics, sorry. Had horrible traveling experiences. On the way to Orlando my flight in Tulsa was delayed 3 hours which of course made me miss the connect to Orlando. Here's our conversation:

Ticket counter lady: "yep, you missed it. Here's your voucher to a hotel. We got you a distressed passenger discount. Call the shuttle they'll come pick you. Thank you."
Me: There are no other flights?


Me: No one is leaving after 8:30, not even on another airline?

TCL: Would you like you're hotel voucher?

Me: You're not going to look?

TCL: No.

So I got to spend the night in dallas.

On the way back to Tulsa, our flight in Dallas got cancelled. What?! So instead of the 12:40 flight they wanted to put us on the 7:50 flight. Eff that. Thank god I was with my boss who got a Southwest flight.

However, we had major baggage issues. So I didn't get my bag till the next day. Conversation with baggage service lady:

BSL: Here's the 1-800 number
Me: For what?
BSL: To file your claim
Me: Don't you do that?
BSL: I'm suppose to. But for you I'm not going to.
Me: But why?
BSL: Because today is my 12th anniversary with this airline and I've earned the right to not file one effing claim. Got it!
Me: So you're not going to file my claim, but make me call a call center when you could just easily do it with the computer in front of you?
BSL: Next!

I got my bag the next day.

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Jax said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! HOLY SHIT! I would have HIT the baggage lady and then spread my facial herpes.