Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Brit Brit

Dear Britney,

Are you trying to start a new trend? Psychotherapy as the new rehab? It isn't catching on and frankly making you look like a crazy whore. You checking in and out medical hospitals to receive treatment does not make it look like you're stable.

In case you didn't notice, "doing it for the kids" is not the best slogan to use when checking yourself into a psych ward. Try things like "Not quite a woman, not yet sane" or "Oops I have MPS"

Also, on the note of your manager drugging you. I call bullshit. I'm calling you out because I doubt anyone twisted your little arm to make you swallow any said pill.

One those notes, go back to the psych ward. Stay for more than 4 days and make it at least "appear" that you're trying.

Ding Dang.

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