Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blaze goes to Home Depot

I had to buy spackle. Surprised that I even know what spackle is? Me too. Very proud of myself for not only going, but buying, using, and ready to sand. Thank you.

So I went to Home Depot right after work (in heels). I buy the spackle kit, which contains spackle that goes from pink to white to let you know when it dries. Such a girl when I picked it up and had an inside squeal that I actually found pink spackle. So of course I got it, along with another wall patch, sand paper, a box cutter, a rubber thing to hold the sand paper so I can sand, primer, and kit for painting.

I even fixed the bad spot on my wall that needed spackling. Now it took me about 2 hours to do so, and its still slightly pink this morning, but I'm assuming it takes 24 hours to dry. And it did say to not spackle if you think its going to rain, but I assume that's for the outside. And I didn't think it was going rain. Which by the way, I'm sick of. Why is it stuck on continually raining on us? If I was still a lifeguard I would pissed off, since 1) I wouldn't be getting any sun and 2) I wouldn't be getting paid. In that order.


Jessie Case said...

Funny you should talk about spackle...we are using some this week too...the beast broke another piece of the wall off...oh and our spackle is pink too! =)

Jax said...

Ah....remember the days when we were SO EXCITED when it rained though...just b/c the kids would clear out and we'd have the pool to ourselves when the weather cleared? I remember the conversations "Who's going up? We've got a kid in the deep end?"
Followed by "Ugh. I will... grumble"

care said...

LOVE the pink spackle. I'll keep that in mind should I need it. :)

Andrea said...

If I were to spackle I would choose pink, too. How very appropriate!!

Oh and nice idea about the blog: Work Appropriate Cleavage. We'll see if we can get the wheels turning.