Monday, September 15, 2008

I was a cool kid this weekend

Thursday, I went to an alumni event that included free beer. So free beer ended up meaning going to McNellie's to continue the drinking. Left before getting another beer which would have caused a serious headache and before 10pm.

Friday, I had my in-laws over since they saved my dinning room table from Hurricane Ike by bringing it up from Houston. So I have a real dinning room!

Saturday, I attended a Kappa wedding. As most weddings, I ended up being one of the few people left on the dance floor (I even did this at my own). So then my dance crew and I decide going to a bar such as Crawpappy's is a great idea. And it was. Except my body goes into standby mode at 1:00am and by 2:00am I need to be in bed.

On Sunday, I don't think I got up till 4:00pm. I then went grocery shopping which exhausted me out so I took another nap until 6:30pm. I went to the Kappa meeting like a good advisor and came home to watch some CSI and I went to bed by 11:00pm.

Worthless is so not cool.


Jax said...

But worthless is comical. Way to go, lovely. :) Please post pics from the wedding! I cant wait til homecoming.. lets actually take some cute photos together this year! I think the bookstore got some cute shirts in... I need to go get another one.. My college baby tees..well..they just arent working anymore..haha!

♥Joy♥ said...

OMG I didn't know that! I LOVEEEE Boyz II Men! I had all their albums til my Mother went into one of her "Get rid of everything secular and worldly" phases! Are you going to go see them?

You need a messenger...Ms Random Online! MSN? Yahoo? Dish the screen-name Sisterrr! =D