Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This is my 99th post. Congratulations to me for finding 99 different things to write about.
  1. Boys II Men are coming to Tulsa Saturday. This girl is excited.
  2. Rascal Flatts are coming to Tulsa tomorrow. This girl gets to go. Still excited.
  3. It's birthday weekend, so Happy Birthday Rachel and Casey.
  4. Mandy gets hitched this Saturday. I'm hoping Eric's beer will be available because that would make my weekend.
  5. The Fair is here!! This is the best and most exciting place to people watch. I can't wait to see the outfits!
  6. Work is busy. I'm in transitioning to new job duties and I can't decide if I'm excited about it or not.
  7. More weddings are coming up. I really need people to promise that next year won't be full of baby showers. Seriously, I can't afford it.
  8. My office is a disaster. I have files everywhere and not enough space to put them. I need a day of organization. You don't think my boss would mind if I took a whole day to reorganize my office do you?
  9. I'm going to a fundraiser with free wine tonight. Then a concert tomorrow, birthday celebration Friday, wedding Saturday. I may not have a liver by Sunday.

9 things for my 99th post!

1 comment:

Duane Fernandez said...

Congrats on 99 posts.
Livers are overrated.
It was awesome seeing you kids last night! You girls make me laugh...
Perhaps I will have the honor to see you all again this evening. This time I get to drink as well... yes.