Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Apparently Just Pissed Off

Even though I'm working my ass off, it's still getting bigger. That alone pisses me off. Do you ever feel like you're so busy that you don't think you can handle another thing, except when you look back you can't exactly remember what was keeping you so busy? I'm going through that and I hate it. I like seeing my work and knowing I'm being productive. Meetings and managing are not productive.

Oh, and this whole non-transition into fall has pissed me off too. What happened to gradual? This over cast and just spitting on you and is no fun. I want my summer back.

VMA's pissed me off. Who the hell was the turd that hosted? I don't like him. I did enjoy how Jordan Sparks stood up to him. That was fun. And Brit Brit looked good, but robotic. She played it incredibily safe (and yes, I would too if I pulled all the shit she has).

That is all.


Michele said...

I am SO GLAD to hear that I am not the only person pissed off this week! I would like to blame it on my ex, but I can't this week. It's the damn weather!!!

Miche said...

I would agree the jack ass at the vma's was a poor choice of host. I am SO glad to hear people standing up to yell that virginity is OK and nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is more shameful to behave the way many teen idols do-sleeping around with EVERYONE then getting pregnant before marriage. The vma's need to realize that is not the image to be portraying to young America. Because regardless of how much parents harp on waiting for sex, youngsters are still going to look at their pop idols and that is hard to counteract as a parent.