Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've checked out, you're on your own

- my liver.

So Thursday began the mini marathon drinking. The Taylor Swift/Rascal Flatts concert was great. The BOK beers may be more than I can handle.

Friday was celebration of birthdays. We went to Senior Tequila's to fill up on chips, salsa, and beer for Casey's birthday. From there we met up with Rachel at The Brook for more drinks for her birthday. This is where she mistaken some guy taking party pics as Mad Dog. Hilarious! Then we headed to Empire to meet up with more people who came in for a wedding. This is where I discovered Tracy had a jalopy as a camera. Seriously it must of been the first digital camera created. She kept hanging on to it because it had a 1" flip screen. I tried to close the bar, but when 1am rolled around, this girl bounced out.

Saturday was wedding day! I woke up, cleaned house since I had a vague memory of inviting the bar to my place between the ceremony and reception while my husband tried to rid his hangover. We then went to the wedding and reinvited everyone over. So as the boys watched football, the girls sat around the dinning room table and talked until someone (Laura) decided we needed to play drinking games. Since the only cards I have were pinnacle we played 3 man, by Tracy's rules, so it was really Trash Man. That's when things got ugly. Tracy and I were the decided 3 man, trash man for a genius record of what felt like an hour. I believe we were on the 3rd beer before we could pass along the titles. The reception was fun and Mandy got a loud, off key Kappa song sung to her. Once again we were the last people to leave the reception. Seriously, they had put up all the tables except ours.

Fun weekend, but I need to rehydrate so I can attend homecoming.

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Jax said...

Just FYI... I try to drink enough as to kill anything trying to grow inside me.

That, in effect, makes me laugh hysterically.

You rock, lovely. Yup. You do.