Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Back from the lou and had sooo much fun. Will post those pictures later since I'm fighting with the old camera since I broke the brand new one. You know this one.

In other news, Dave and I bought a house! Well we're in contract for one. We have inspections next week so as long as all goes well we'll own a new home in May. So to keep you entertained here are pics of hopefully my new house.

Front Living room:
There is a story about these red drapes. I will post at another time. It involves, mother-in-law and kicking. Very entertaining.

Great room:
It is huge! 18' x 36'. It will be sometime before Dave and I can fill it up with furniture.


Front Bathroom:
True midtown home with pink and green tiles. The tub and toilet are green too!

These pictures were taken with the new broken camera. I was able to get them transferred to the computer. I'll post STL pics soon!!


Bethany said...

AHHH I am so excited about the house...where is it???

blaze said...

24th & Sheridan.

I need to see Parker!!