Thursday, March 20, 2008

Said Drapes

True story.

Dave and I decided to start looking for a house to buy. We found the perfect house for us in our price range with a brand new kitchen and hot tub. Because Dave and I found this house on our own we wanted others opinion to make sure we weren't blindly falling in love with something. So we called Dave's mom who was out house hunting for us (back story: soon to be mother in law who is sometimes overly involved). She stopped by the house on her own and then called her neighbors/realtor friends/people I dog sit for (all one family). They happen to be in the area and looked at the house.

We all came together that night at the neighbors' house and discussed what we should do. We agreed we must put an offer on the house that night as it might be gone in the morning. So we started drawing up the contract. That is when my Mother In Law got in her head that the drapes were an important negotiating tool since the seller mentioned she wanted to take her drapes. MIL wouldn't drop the drapes. Even after I said I don't recall the drapes, I'm not taking this woman's drapes just to take them. She kept insisting that I would want them and therefore needed to have them in the contract.

Since the sellers opted for sale by owner, Dave and I had to negotiate the offer face to face. Scary! So we arrived with our entourage, MIL, FIL, neighbors and Dave and I. MIL and female seller are making small talk. Dave is in the kitchen with male seller. I'm at the dining room table when all the sudden female seller asks me from across the room "You want my drapes?" Both MIL and female seller come to the kitchen table. I haven't responded. So she asks me again, "You want my drapes? I like my drapes, but if its going to cost us the sell of the house you of course can have the drapes. Do you want the drapes?"
**I then got kicked underneath the table from my MIL!!**
What just happened here? Why did I get kicked from MIL when she was not involved and the woman just finished her sentence?? It took everything in me to not kick her back. Instead I opted for the "MIL, I appreciate you support, but this is something that Dave and I need to negotiate together." Thankfully at that point, Dave and male seller came in and we actually started negotiating.

Of course we came to an agreement on the house. I also told the woman that the drapes will go in the contract, but if we decide we don't need them, we'll give them back to her.

Inspections Tuesday. Cross fingers that all goes well!!

Oh and if you hear Rachel tell the story, I kicked her back.
You can see said drapes in previous post, they're the ones in the front living room.


Anonymous said...

Are the drapes even pretty? They look kind of like old person drapes in the picture, but I'm sure they could actually be really pretty in person...hope I didn't offend you (or the crazy MIL!) :) Oh, this is Jessica by the way!

Also....why the hell did you not tell me on the phone on Monday that you were buying a house!?!

Jessie Case said...

omg! That's so freakin hilarious blaze! I am proud of you for the restraint it must have taken to not kick her back... =)

Jax said...

OMG..Thats the best story EVER!!! LOL!!!!

blaze said...

They're not my style, but I also don't want to be that couple that doesn't have any drapes and everyone can look in your house. I'm thinking wood blinds would look good.

Unless the drapes are wooven gold they are not worth being kicked over!!

Sorry about not telling you on Monday. I forgot? I don't know its overwhelming and I'm worried its not going to go through. I told very few people. So feel special you know my blog address and was told that way!