Tuesday, April 1, 2008

15 minutes of Fame

What's that saying? Everyone gets 15 minutes of fame? Well mine is here. My picture that has been on the side of the cosmetology school (for a year now) has moved to the side of the busy highway. So if you are on this busy highway passing the Sheridan exit you will see me staring at you.

In other news I went to the first round championship of the CBI tournament. TU won!! Barely but they did it. Now we just have to win again at Bradley and we'll win the first ever CBI tournament. I'm sure we'll have a banner hanging in the arena after the win.

Shower/Bachelorette party this weekend. My fear of people not coming is vanishing as people are RSVPing. I think it goes back to like 5th grade when you have a birthday party and you wonder if people are actually going to show up or if you'll be the lonely birthday girl with no one at your party. Thankfully I'll be cool enough to be with friends.

Invites went out yesterday. Go me!

Finished the baby blanket that I started in February for the baby that was born March 21st. Hopefully I'll get it to Melissa before her baby is one.

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