Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Updates

Bacheloretteness happened this weekend. For the full story please go here. I would have to say in my non bias opinion that my party had they best looking girls. No random matching t-shirts that down graded the cuteness of everyone. So much fun and so many panties!

The following day I played softball. It only felt like a mistake this morning. I'm so sore. I believe its a combination of dancing the night away then pretending that I can actually play softball. I did get two hits! 1 single and 1 double! I know! Now I just need to learn how to play outfield where I can estimate the depth of the ball so I can catch it. Maybe Dave and I will play catch this week so I can get more practice. Softball was fun! Mainly because it was at my playing level and I wasn't the best or worst player.

Before the bachelorette party I had pre-cana. For those that don't know what it is, its a pre-wedding class for catholics. We talked about sex for 7.5 hours. Next week we get to talk about communication, finances, etc. I still believe it was appropriate to have pre-cana prior to this bachelorette party, like it was appropriate that I went to STL for that bachelorette party the weekend before I was confirmed.

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♥Joy♥ said...

hahahahahahaha on the last paragraph! i so enjoyed that! =D your candor makes my day! =D

you are blogging quite a storm lately! i like it!