Thursday, April 3, 2008

So obnoxious I had to blog about it

So I work with this guy who is a complete douche bag.
  1. He always refers to how he's training for baseball. Apparently he played in college (junior college) like 12 years ago before he tore his knee. But I guess playing on a men's summer league is "training for baseball."
  2. He states how fast he can pitch a ball. He no longer plays baseball, therefore, even though he says he's training, I doubt he's training like professional baseball players. He still says he throws 90 miles/hr fast ball. I doubt it.
  3. We are having a friendly intramural volleyball & wiffle ball match between both campuses. Today he says "how hard do you want to win?" I reply "what?" Which he replies "cause I could break some noses with my spike." What? You're an instructor at a vocational school who no longer plays college baseball! Then he says "I've done it before. I've broken somebody's Oakley's off their face." Stop talking.

I have given him the nickname the rock. Because I truly believe he's as dumb as one.


Jax said...

This makes me crack up. Esp the "stop talking." I can hear it.. lol!

Andrea said...

Very funny. And clever! I am going to start making up names like that for people I work with so I can write about them. Haha!