Thursday, March 6, 2008

Today is not the day

I'm not in the mood today to put up with anyone's bullshit. Not the receptionist at my work. Not the weather report that calls for more f*cking snow. Not for the damn students outside of my office talking in baby talk. Not with Dave who keeps showing me pictures of houses but we have to walk in them. Not with the invitations that have yet to be ordered. Not with meetings I don't need to involved in.

Today is not the day to push any buttons. The fuse is short. I'm ready to blow and I don't give a shit.

So f*ck you weather for not being Spring.
F*ck you receptionist who called for my help "on a special project" but refusing to give me details. You deserve another F*CK YOU!
F*ck this mood because other than just tired of being cold all-the-damn-time, I have no reason to be in it.

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THE Rachel Adams said...

Bad moods for no reason are the WORST! I vote you punch someone in the face, even if they don't deserve. It will make you feel better - you let off some steam and now someone else is in a worse mood than you :)