Monday, October 6, 2008

The Talent I Never Knew I Had

Who knew I was so good at beer pong? I have to say that Dave and I were unbeatable. Three time (in a row) beer pong champs. Twice, I scored the winning shot. My dad and his parents cheered on us. That within itself was hilarious to see parents revert back to high school sports and expecting their child to excel. I think I would have actually disappointed my dad if I didn't. So funny! Oh and there was a "winner's" ribbon. We both strutted it around and several people, including Jax's mom asked why I was a winner.

In other news, my house got cleaned on Saturday. I think most people thought I was joking about my mother-in-law sending over cleaning ladies (my husband included). But she did and the house looks great. She then asked "Since you're working, do you think you can afford to have someone come in once a month to clean your house?" I think this one should go in the book Rachel.

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