Monday, December 8, 2008

Please Don't Snow

It's supposed to snow. I really really hope it doesn't. I'm not ready for cold and slush and ice and yuck. Plus there is so much at work that needs to get done. Trying to open a school for February is really demanding. And time consuming and draining.

This weekend was horrible for football. TU lost, Dallas lost, Giants lost (but I'm not upset that only Dave is). So no bowl game for New Year's for me. Anyone doing anything in town for New Year's? Anyone going anywhere afford for New Year's??

I played Wii Mario Kart this weekend. I now not only want one, but I need one. I've told Dave that I want a Wii for Christmas and I'm serious. So here's hoping I get a Wii!

Have a great week and hopefully we won't wake up with snow or something worse.


Bethany said...

NO SNOW!!!! I don't want to deal with it. No NYE plans..

jax said...

Now that liberty bowl is out, no new years plans.. Boo. :( ANd yeah.. tomorrow is the anniversary of the ice storm... ugh

THE Rachel Adams said...

I think its a bad sign that we are already over winter. I have NYE plans - my dad is coming in town that night. Yay or boo? I can't decide.