Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

The poor Hills. Last night's episode was all about prepping for Whitney's new show The City and Speidi's "secret" wedding. How is it that Lauren who is the main starlet is now support cast for everyone else? I find Whitney too boring to maintain her own show, but maybe her entourage can carry her through a season or two. Or maybe she's just been shadowed by LC and is really a camera hog. I don't think it'll last and I'll try my damnest to not watch it. And a note to Spencer, a wedding can't be "secret" if cameras are following you around you A-hole. But I guess Speidi beat LC in the war since they got their wedding and The Hills has turned into a show about Heidi and Spencer and not Lauren. Did anyone else love how MTV made Audrina tell LC and Lo that Heidi and Spencer are missing? It looked like she was really debating in her head whether or not to take the bonus check for making that statement. But in the end, needing to support her man won out.

Brody Jenner's Bromance is retarded. I can not believe how low MTV has gotten that they'll accept a competition show called Bromance. Wait, I retract that. They did have Paris Hilton's New BFF. Did anyone see the picture of Paris and her new BFF? Don't care? Got it.

This weather is crappy. Anyone else excited about The Biggest Loser Finale? You should be! Go Michelle!

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sasspot said...

I don't watch The Hills, but as Jackie knows, I induldge in 90210 and Gossip Girl. Nice.