Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Update

  • Still no A/C. Hasn't been too bad because of the rain, but seriously, I need A/C. Even if I don't use it, I want to know I can. The repair people should be coming between 11 and 2 tomorrow.
  • I got a Washer and Dryer!! My dad got it for us on Saturday!

Things I learned from getting my new washer and dryer.

  1. If you buy an electrical dryer, you must also buy a plug for it and a dryer tube to lead to the outside exhaust.
  2. You must install your dryer plug-in. Easy to do, but I had to install, un-install about 5 times for various reasons.
  3. If you buy an electric dryer make sure your plug is not for a range stove. Because mine was. Which according to Home Depot people is a fire hazard. Oh and your "dryer plug-in" will not fit into a "range plug." That created a lot of curse words until we found it we didn't do anything wrong. The previous home owner did.
  4. Dave and I installed an actual dryer plug. There was some moaning, bitching, and cursing, but nobody got hurt. We did turn off all breakers in the house to perform this task. We weren't actually sure which breaker was the dryer even though the Home Depot man told us which one to look for.
  5. Do not transport your Washer on its side. The warning on the box is real. Ours makes a ridiculous loud noise and we must call a repair man to fix it. But it works and I don't care about the noise as long as my clothes get washed. And its under warranty so whatever.

I got a massage on Saturday. Actually, Dave, Matt, Rachel, and I all did. But not in the same room. I think I'm in love my massage therapist. I would like to bring her home and have her rub my back all day long. Sigh. I need another massage. Go to Aquarian Age on Cherry Street. Ask for Stephanie. She's tiny but has a lot of muscle behind her. Love her.

I got a lot done this weekend. The bathroom is almost done. I've honestly been working on it, but just in little pieces so its taking me forever to get it done!!

Oh and I think my dog is depressed. She has been down all day Sunday since we left Matt and Rachel's house (we borrowed their A/C over the weekend). She wouldn't even come to the door to greet me or say goodbye. She also spent several hours in a room by herself. So unlike her. I have a feeling Dave and I are going to need to get another dog so Bailey has a friend. That or put her on puppy prozac.

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THE Rachel Adams said...

I also want to take my massage therapist home with me! I am already thinking "maybe mom wants to get a massage this weekend!" I think instead of getting Bailey another friend, you should just dogsit Bleu more often. Like puppy play dates!