Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Reveal

Remember the before? Well, here it is! The newly painted-but not really decorated bathroom. I know some of the pictures look awfully pink, but it's more beige and taupe which neutralized the pink and green tiles.

Thank you for all of your suggestions. They were so helpful. Now I just need to figure out what pictures to put on two walls.

We ended up taking down the shower door, frame and all. The shower curtain hides the tub and the pink tiles so it was a huge help. We replaced the knobs, hinges, and door knob which updated the entire bathroom. While pink tiles and green fixtures would not be what I would have picked out, I hope it looks on purpose and not just what we had. Hopefully when I we get some pictures up it'll tie the whole thing together.


Jax said...

HOORAY!!! It looks good! Cant wait to see more.. And PS..I'm prettty sure I was texting your 798 number on Saturday. Do you still have that phone? I sent a "hey, kel's coming and we're thnking pool at 1pm.." then I sent a "hey..we're at the pool..come up!"

sasspot said...

blaze, it looks so awesome!!!!!

THE Rachel Adams said...

SO much better!!!

Jessie Case said...

Looks much're such a do-it-yourselfer!