Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend I had two dogs. Bullock the unloved boxer, and of course Bailey. I got Bullock Saturday morning and dropped him off at my house so I could go to the pool. The pool was so necessary this weekend. The weather was hot enough to really enjoy being in the water and the beer tasted great. That was until the deaf security pool guard told us that we're not supposed to have drinks by the pool. We did read the pool rules and there was nothing about not having drinks near the water. It did say no glass, but we were drinking out of cans. It was determined she was just on a power trip and wanted to prove herself.

Had a bit too much beer and sun and needed a nap except that I had to get ready for a wedding that night. The nap won and I made it to the reception along with everyone else. The reception was fun with the girls. Dave was in Vegas this weekend so the dogs and I stayed the night with Rachel and Matt. The dogs really wanted to have a sleep over with Bleu and Lola.

Sunday was a lazy day. I didn't leave Matt and Rachel's until about noon. And then laid around and got caught up on my DVR and did loads of laundry.

Not the most exciting weekend, but I got to pool and a reception with free alcohol.

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