Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fireworks & Trucker's hat equals America

The lake was super fun. We basically parked at Party Cove and chilled for most of the day on both days. The firework show was amazing. It felt like we were right beneath them. And it went on for about 15 minutes. Crazy and super fun.

We had a super fun drink. It was half apple flavored Smirnoff and half beer. Sounds gross but it was very good. We also had it with a Raspberry flavor. Yummy.
Mich also dressed himself as white trash. Thus, the trucker's hat, beer, and tats in the water. His b-day was July 4th so we made him a flag cake. There was also a balloon guy walking around before the firework shows so we had him make Mich a Trucker's hat. I think I could've done a better job.
All in all it was a great weekend. Definitely needed it. I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!


♥Joy♥ said...

I love how you said SUPER FUN a gazillion times because it made me smile every time and feel like I was having some super fun too!

I'm glad you had such a "super fun" time!!! My girls enjoyed the fireworks immensely! I can't wait for another vacation--meaning, one where I can GET.AWAY.!

I don't do beer, but maybe I'll try that concoction? We'll see & I'll let you know how it goes! haha


jax said...

yay for pictures btw!