Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I promise to never take my AC for granted

I have AC!! Thank you to the wonderful AC man who figured out that we had multiple problems and fixed them.

Work is busy but going super well today. Disaster last week is now smoothed over and everything is hunky dory!

Oh! Remember Denise Richards she's gone. Her last day was yesterday. But she's now dating the CEO's husband's brother. She was still married as of yesterday. He was living with his girlfriend and her son. I have no updates on if the marriage is over and if he has moved out of the girlfriend's place. I guess we'll just have to make up our own version. My superpowers still work. I believe I like everybody I work with for now...but they better not cross me!!


Jax said...

LOVELY! Glad to hear you have AC again. :) Blaze is hot...but ya know...we dont need you being actually hot. ;)

THE Rachel Adams said...

Your AC problems were contagious! Mine caught whatever yours had and so now I have no AC either!!! Matt, my mom and I are gonna come stay with you guys for the weekend. You don't mind do you?