Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I didn't believe in Alien Invasion until last night

Dave and I got to bed around 11pm since I decided I needed to talk to Rachel outside of Los Cabos until 10pm. I hadn't seen her all weekend and things always go crazy when we don't see each other. This time sh*t actually happened to her. So around 11pm, lights turned off, we're in bed, I'm facing the window and all of the sudden a huge blue-green light is flashing outside of our window. Just a bright, blue-green light that takes up well more than our window. I immediately think someone is trying to break in so they're cutting our electrical and it's going crazy. Dave jumps up and pulls up the blind to see whats going on. I on the other hand slink further down under the covers and try to hide. Dave said he didn't see anything. But he did go to the front of the house to see if he could see more. I stayed in bed.
So Dave crawls back into bed. I'm still a bit freaked, but am getting over it until it happens again! It wasn't quite as big this time. Now I'm thinking some electrical thing is trying to explode right outside of our window. I get my phone to call PSO and Dave tells me not to because he doesn't think its anything they can do.
Again, I try to sleep while being conscious of any funny smells, like smoke. Then around 1:50am(?) I wake up to Dave and I kicking the covers off and realize we have NO POWER! Again I go back to initial thought of someone trying to break in. Dave gets up checks the house and decides to sleep in the living room since it would be cooler. Then I hear a sawing sound. I'm freaked out. Seriously, in my head a serial killer has chosen my house and is going to kill me by sawing my body into bits. So I get up. I figure if I'm going to die, I might as well be brave about it. I did have my phone with me in case I could call an emergency number before he saws all of me. I get to where the noise is and its a city tree cutting company sawing my neighbors tree at 2am.
I'm guessing lighting struck it, which hit a line? So they needed to get to the line and needed the tree out of the way? Those are my thoughts. I did not go outside to see what really happened, or why they were sawing my neighbors tree. I was safe and therefore could fall back asleep. Our power came back on and at some point Dave came back to the bedroom.
So the only other logical conclusion is aliens tried to attack last night, causing the blue-green glow. But our weird lighting scared them away. It couldn't have been a transformer blowing...


♥Joy♥ said...

You are so lucky you weren't abducted! I hear those anal probes are brutal!

Jax said...

I love the whole "sawing me to bits" part.. I totally get that. I sleep with my door half open so I think the creaking of the door will wake me up in enough time to actually SEE the person trying to kill me should anyone break in.


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