Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday morning should not feel like Monday choas

My morning:

6:15am - my father wakes me up from a deep dead sleep to give me my cell phone because apparently the alarm had been going off.
6:16am - I convince myself that if I lay down for 5 minutes I will wake up and that my back up plan is the 2nd alarm that is set for 6:45am
7:30am - wake up from deep dead sleep again, this time by trash men outside. I'm thinking its weird they are at my house so early until I look at my phone which says it's really 7:30.
I then try to get up in a hurry but feel like I'm drunk from sleep. I believe I ran into the same wall at least 3 times.
7:55am - driving to work when I realize I have my contacts switched. At a stop light I take out one contact only to realize I only put one in. I put contact into the worst seeing eye (even though its not the correct one) and look down at my lap like my other contact would magically be sitting there.
8:15am - get to work, still groggy, can't really see, and worried I will pulled in for a drug test because I still can't walk without running into walls.

From there I try to work. Nothing got accomplished and I'm exhausted. So I decide to turn out my light, crawl underneath my desk (I have window where you can see into my office so I didn't want anyone to see me) and closed my eyes while breathing in the positive and breathing out the negative. I told you I was weird. After what felt like 3 minutes which I'm sure was 10 minutes I crawled back out, turned on my light, and tried to work. I then immediately decided I needed to take my lunch even though it's only 11:30 and go to Sonic. I ended up going to Wendy's because it closer.

On a totally different note (which is hopefully more positive)

I heard this question yesterday so I'm posing it to you.

What was your favorite thing about yesterday.
Mine - my 15 minute work out class at work. There were probably about 8 women, we worked out our arms and laughed at ourselves. Lots of fun.

Update on wedding stuff: Honeymoon is booked! We're going to Monetgo Bay, Jamaica!!


Jax said...

I read this when I didnt have time to comment. But, this blog made me laugh out loud! And, as for the best thing about my day yesterday, it was either
(1) catching up with blaze or
(2) having a beer at the airport-much needed or
(3) not having anyone in the seat next to me on the plane home! YES!

blaze said...

I love when the seat next to me is empty!