Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blackberry and photos

I feel like a technological nincompoop. I just spent 20 minutes and three phone calls to activate my new work blackberry. After calling and talking to 2 different customer service representatives, and changing the language to French and asking the CR to fix it, and cursing at the automated customer service I got it activated. Then they tell me to turn it off for 20 minutes. Why? Why do I have turn off my phone? I just activated it!! I want to play with it.

Well here is the new Blackberry. I don't know how to use it. Oh and I haven't had my actual cell phone since Sunday, because I left it at Dave's. And since I have the work phone I haven't felt like I've needed it. I will get it back at some point and return phone calls.

As I was downloading my pictures on to my computer I realize that I have been taking photos!! (I thought I had fallen short of my promise to use my new camera.) I forgot about some lovely shots that I took with my camera. So here's an update:

This man is a Creepy Townie (will go by CT from here on). While he looks innocent enough he's actual a total Creepy Creeperson. Cut to Flashback

Dave, Matt, Rachel, and I enter The Buc. One of Tulsa's finest hole in the wall bars.

Dave and Matt immediately bee line for the bar. Rachel and I are left to look for seats. Little did we know that a local AM station would be at the bar for a remote sports promotion. Therefore, they took our table. We did find seats by a pool table that was not being used.

Rachel and I sit by pool table. Small chit chat taking place.

Me: "This is annoying. Ask the radio station to please move from our table."

Rachel: "I know. I keep giving them evil looks. We'll just continue to stare at their table until they leave."

CT: in low volume voice, "Nice legs."

ME: "Excuse me?" look at Rachel "He wasn't actually talking to us right? Just speaking to the voices in head."

Rachel readjusts her legs

CT: "Your legs are a distraction."

Me: "Seriously?!" look at Rachel and speak in an over emphasized loud volume, "I'll be glad when YOUR HUSBAND comes back from the bar."

CT: not getting the hint, walks past us. "Nice legs."

Rachel: "I always think legs look their best sitting down and in jeans."

Me: "Agreed. The best look for legs are in jeans, sitting down, next to a pool table."

boys come back and radio station leaves and we get our table. Where we proceed to drink the party tab!

Not actual size of the party tab

This is a picture of the empty party tab. This is not the first time we've drank this. Normally we (meaning me) bring a deck of cards and we all play card games. (i.e. Asshole, where we make Rachel - because unfortunately she is really bad at asshole - stand on her chair and yell, "I'm the asshole!") I forgot the cards so we had to socialize like normal people.

The party tab lead to dancing.

Don't her legs look great in jeans?

Other pictures I found:

This is TU tailgating at its finest!

Captain Cane playing beer pong before the last home regular season game.

This is Dave and Dirk celebrating after their big win at beer pong.

This is all I have. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Bethany said...

is that my husband playing beer pong with captain cane?

blaze said...

Why, yes it is. Aren't you impressed?