Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Marathon, Turkey, and such

Breakfast: water - good
Hershey's chocolate bar - bad

Whatever, it's better then my diet Dr. Pepper breakfast I've had the past two weeks (minus Sundays when Dave and I actually eat good breakfast). Speaking of Sundays:

Last Sunday
Go to mass - good
Get stuck for at least 30 minutes in the middle of the Route 66 Marathon - bad

Dave and I tried to go to breakfast after mass and ended up in the middle of the Route 66 Marathon course. Not good. Everywhere we drove we were barricaded in. I actually lost it when we saw the same runners twice. I don’t know how Dave puts up with me. I was cursing and complaining and saying that this is costing me gas. He’s laughing and saying we’re enjoying a nice Sunday drive. I didn’t find it funny and replied nobody takes Sunday drives and all we’re doing is wasting gas and polluting the Earth. *sigh* We made it out alive (obviously) and finally got to a restaurant. Too late for breakfast, so we opted for Chili’s where he could watch the start of the Giants game. He deserved to engulf himself in football for the Sunday drive we had.

For next Thanksgiving I want to host a "Bring a dish you want to try" dinner. I figure it could be about a week before Thanksgiving. All my friends are at the age that we should be cooking (so I hear) and are probably wanting to bring something fantastic to Thanksgiving or *gasp* actually hosting one. So what better way to see if your dish will work then by trying it on your friends? So mark your calendars. Hopefully I will have a house by then and will host the fun event complimented by fun beverages!

Thanksgiving this year is slightly awkward. My family normally gets together with my extended family. But it’s not happening this year. So my mom (not a good cook) wants to have a small Thanksgiving meal. Dave's mom (very good cook) is hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner. Why can't my family just order in pizza, watch football, and wish Dave and me well when we go to a nice dinner?

That reminds me. I'm looking for an easy-t0-do-but-looks-like-I-put-way-too-much-effort recipe. I inherited my mother's cooking ability and feel the need to bring something to Dave's family dinner. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving! Any one braving the day after Thanksgiving shopping??


♥Joy♥ said...

As for recipe...are you looking for a side dish or dessert?

I'll be out and about on The after Thanksgiving shopping spree day! Yay!

blaze said...

I don't care as long as it falls into the easy category but still looks like effort.

Jax said...

My suggestion: Lambruzco's on 41st and Peoria. Call now. Buy something there. It looks like you made it. I thought a friend kept making fabulous dishes for girls night.. no. it was lambruzcos. They're not online, though. Eff cooking. LOL! :)

Jax said...
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♥Joy♥ said...

OMG Jackie! I wish I'd have thought of that! Their margarita pound cake is awesome and great for holiday desserts!!