Thursday, November 8, 2007


1. Big job is on the line report is done. Mailed it last night and they have received it. Big relief! Now we just have to sit and wait until they review in December.

2. I can not find my camera. I'm not happy about this. So I've decided I need a new one. When I get a new I will love it and care for it and use it. I got bad about the other one. But I know with a brand new shiny camera I will want to use it at all times.

3. I am bitter that when I leave work it is dark. Going on daylight savings sucks (or is it coming off? That confuses me. Let me know if you know the answer). So I'm joining my company's gym. That's my stance against the weather changing to cold and it getting dark too damn early.

4. I need to figure out what to do for New Year's. Dave and I always go away for New Year's. I like the San Diego idea presented by Jackie several months ago. (We may not still be invited since it was so long ago). Dave suggested Houston but we did Austin a few years ago and that's basically the same thing. I want something different.

5. Last home football of the year this Saturday. The boys are having a cookout starting at 9:30. I don't believe I'll be joining them. But everyone is welcome to go if they want to tailgate and eat omelets.

6. It's Thursday!! We're going to a company happy hour at McNellie's. I'm excited since this will be a nice celebration for my big report. - The happy hour isn't for me, I'm just turning it into a celebration for me.

7. It is almost Christmas. I have no idea what I am going to get anybody - especially my mother. I don't believe she has used any gifts I've gotten her in the past 15 years. Last year was a great gift with $50 gift certificate to Clary Sage. Has not used. Maybe this year I'll make a donation in her name.

8. The NBC's promo for Universal Green is working on me. I saw the clip how plastics is covering the beaches in Hawaii and sea life is dying by chocking on floating plastic trash. I'm joining the band wagon of recycling and trying to help the planet. I don't know about you, but plastic beaches does not sound appealing.

9. I need to start thinking about my goals for next year. Dave has already done his. He even sent them to me to keep him accountable. He's so cute, the first one was to get married. :)

10. Thursday is so awesome because tomorrow is Friday!!

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