Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Guest lists

I hate them. The venue we chose only has room for 150 people. As I chose it I thought I don't even know a 150 people, perfect. Wrong. Apparently my parents and Dave's parents know 150 people. We have 252 people on the guest list. If you go by what all the articles say 30% of them will not show. That's 177 people. Still over the limit. I hate this. And you know what’s worse; I have to cut friends because family is supposed to be there. Who do I talk to and hang out with more? My third cousin once removed or my friends? Grrrr...

In other news, I got a storage unit. While this does not seem like a big deal it is. Somehow my soon to be old roommate and I have to figure out how to cram a house full of furniture into a 10X10 square. Moving is such a pain I hate it almost as much as revising guest lists.

I'm cranky and boring today. Blah.

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Jax said...

Do not invite children. They eat a lot and are loud. That'll cut the list.. haha.. I guess that's kinda crappy, though.. ;)

Anyhoo, this is the reason you will be my MoH standing on a beach somewhere in front of like 40 people while I say "I do" to Lord knows who someday. ;)