Wednesday, January 31, 2007


It's 15 till 6. My two five o'clock appointments have not shown up but keep calling saying they are going to show up. (Why?! Its snowing! I want to be in my pj's!) So I'm waiting. I should be working on other things but I'm not. My head is stuffed up-yuck! How long should I wait? Probably not much longer. Seriously this needs to stop happening.

I did my taxes this week, slightly bitter. Actually incredibly bitter. I owe the damn state money! That just pisses me off. I have them take out the MAXIMUM amount and I owe them MORE money! Screw off! This is now motivation to leave the state! I'm moving to a state with no income tax!

10 till 6 & no one is here for my appointment. *sigh*(with an eye roll). My desk is a disaster. I really should be working on that. Should be...

I need to get back on schedule for my TV shows. I keep forgetting what day it is. Top Chef finale is on tonight. Still bitter that Sam is not in the finals but whatever. He's a winner in my cookbook! haha!

Appointments are here!

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